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A simple lesson on “why”


 This inspiring video, taken from the September 2010 edition of Ted talks, describes a theory by Simon Sinek about what sets successful leaders apart. In this lecture, Mr. Sinek demonstrates how successful companies and leaders use their beliefs to build a foundation for their products or actions and that people will follow their beliefs more than their products. This theory is important for anyone who is interested in starting their own project or business and becoming a successful leader. 
  After watching this video, the viewer will be able to understand what makes an inspirational leader so successful. It provides an approach to marketing where people will buy based on their beliefs more than on the specifics of the product. It also provides future leaders with the basic tools necessary for inspiring people to follow them with commitment and passion. 
  The lecture focuses on what Mr. Sinek calls his "Golden Circle". He explains through examples, how leading companies, leading innovators, and leading entrepreneurs such as Martin Luther King Jr., The Wright Brothers and Apple computers have become such successful pioneers in their fields and why people followed them with such passion. The Golden Circle, he explains, puts "why" people do things in the center. This core is surrounded by "how" they do it and finally "what" is done. He states "people do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it". He explains how despite varying access to money, education and brilliant team members, the core of success is whether people believe in what you believe and will follow you because of why you do things. In business, he explains, it is necessary, according to the law of diffusion of innovation, to achieve between 15% and 18% of market penetration in order for you to have mass market success or acceptance of an idea. The goal would be to have the early adopters of an idea, buy into the market by following the company's beliefs. Once this critical mass is achieved, the mass majority of people will follow. 
   As an aspiring leader, I appreciate the lessons presented my Mr. Sinek in this video. I believe his point is proven as I think of how I will follow his advice because I believe in the ideas he was expressing. 
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