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A Video Training Program for Professionals Interested in Video Blogging




handout explains the training session you are about to experience when you
watch Tyrone Shumm’s
YouTube Video
Marketing Tips Using Rapid Video Blogging.
Modern professionals struggle to
keep up with the changes, challenges, and opportunities associated with the
Internet, and one of the hot topics is the video blog (or “Vlog”). This
training session will prepare you to take the first steps to creating a high-quality,
purpose-oriented video blog to promote your products and services.

knows the “blog” (an abbreviation for “weblog”) is a powerful new source of
information that has emerged with the Age of the Internet. People love the
freshness and authenticity of news and other information they can get online
rather than from traditional media. So why is a video blog so important? Just
ask yourself whether modern people prefer to read or watch a video screen. Many
people prefer to watch a video rather than reading text, and they prefer video
for various reasons – including the ability to listen while multitasking or
looking at other web pages, scanning text, having a conversation with someone
else in the room, etc. Therefore, video blogging can be expected to remain a
powerful means of communication between businesses and consumers.

“Vlogging” is an important topic, because it is a fast,
inexpensive way to build a strong relationship with visitors to one’s web
In the years since blogs quickly
became popular is a new form of social media, new opportunities have opened up
for Internet entrepreneurs, employers, and other professionals. Even the
President of the United States maintains a regular video blog as a way of
cultivating his relationship with the citizenry.

            So why
does anyone ever use typed blogs if video blogs are so powerful? It is because
typed blogs contain
content that will
appear in Google searches. For example, if this paragraph were part of a blog,
that blog might appear in search results if someone does a Google search for
the following words: “video blogs”, “typed blogs” because those terms appear in
the paragraph. It might appear in the search results because it contains those
  A video cannot add typed content
to a website or blog, but once people find the video they can feel a real that
they are building a real relationship with the person in the videos. Because
typed (i.e. text) content and video content are important in completely
different ways, it might be a good idea to use this training program to prepare
yourself for using text blogging
and video
blogging together.

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