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A Winning Philosophy

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Description: The objective of this video is to outline the philosophy necessary to become a champion and win in life, athletics, and business. This training has been shared and personified by CEOs, government leaders, and Olympic gold medalists.

Learning Objectives: The learning objectives of this video are to educate what it takes to achieve goals and overcome obstacles. After watching this clip, individuals should be able to look inside themselves to see how they can improve and develop to reach higher levels of attainment. In addition, the following success tenants will provide a good basis for personal growth.

  • Be able to describe how to build a championship team
  • Identify fundamental elements to success
  • Recognize the biggest barrier to success and winning
  • Identify the greatest enemy of success
  • Understand the definition of success
  • Learn the main cause of human failure

Summary: This video by Rollan Roberts II was a speech given to a group of entrepreneurs in Pensacola, Florida. The title of the speech was "Building a Championship Team." The clip selected for review beautifully captures and encapsulates a winning philosophy. An individual's philosophy dictates their beliefs. Their beliefs dictate their actions and behavior. Their actions and behavior dictate their results. This video recognizes that motivation alone is not sufficient to build a champion. Rather, winning in the game of life starts with having a success philosophy grounded in the wisdom and never-changing principles of the ages.

Life's biggest obstacles are identified as not being time, money, or lack of skill. The speaker announces that each individual is his or her greatest obstacle. After all, individuals are the only ones who can chose their core philosophy that interprets circumstances, shapes opinions and beliefs, thus dictating their actions which influence outcomes. Individuals possess the power to choose their reactions, choose their associations, and choose their behavior. Therefore, the point is made that people are where they are in life because of prior choices they have made. If they are not where they want to be, they simply need to change their philosophy, which will change their belief, which will change their behavior and actions, which will change their results. Rollan shared that "Champions do daily what losers do occasionally." Most decisions in life are not between good and bad, but between better and best. A right philosophy grounded in success principles will elevate decision-making capabilities when deciphering between better and best.

Success is defined herein as the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal or dream. Distractions are identified as the greatest enemy of success. The speaker stated two additional enemies as being doubt and discouragement. He quoted Mike Murdoch when he said, "The only reason men fail is broken focus." Focus requires sacrifice. As Steve Jobs once eloquently stated, "You're not focused unless you're saying 'no'."

It is explained that championship teams must have singleness of purpose. The best teams are ones where their hearts, intentions, and motivates are aligned in harmony with each other. Work is the duty of mankind. Take pleasure in your work, and you will find purpose and meaning. The best ideas in the world go nowhere without hard work. Inspiration without execution ends in frustration. Nothing great is ever accomplished without giving yourself wholly to the work of it. Great emphasis is placed on having a standard of excellence and doing one's absolute best.

Every champion must overcome obstacles. Adversity causes some men to break and others to break records. The excuses one uses to stay put, are the same reasons champions use to move on. If you're going the wrong direction, you don't need inspiration; you need education. Thomas Edison is quoted as saying, "I find my greatest pleasure, and so my reward, in the work that precedes what the world calls success."

You attract who you are, not what you want. If you are not cooperative, you will attract non-cooperative people. Honest people will not work for dishonest managers. "A" players will not work for "B" managers. Hard workers will not work for lazy people. The principle conveyed here is to never complain about what you permit: the abusive spouse, the disrespectful child, the low-paying job, the extra pounds, whatever it is, never complain about what you permit. Tolerating bad behavior and bad habits is permission of them. What you tolerate, you endorse. What you permit, you promote.

Success is a team sport and those who are most successful in life understand the power of cooperation. Cooperation is really an attitude. Cooperation requires humility and confidence. Results only come through cooperation. You cannot lead a team to execute a winning strategy without cooperation.

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