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Andrew Warner of Mixergy

When Andrew Warner grew up in New York City, he saw the titans of entrepreneurship — in particular, entrepreneurs from the publishing industry — firsthand. He remembers thinking to himself that he wanted to do that. He wanted what they had achieved. By any measure, Warner has accomplished this childhood vision, and has made it as an entrepreneur. After he and his brother achieved their first success, a $30 million per year Internet business, he wanted to share the gift of inspiration and knowledge with budding entrepreneurs. To achieve this end, he started Mixergy, a website that currently has over 300 entrepreneurs, all of whom share their passion, keys to success, and warnings.

Failure and Rebirth

Warner focused on entrepreneur events with Mixergy at first, and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money to develop the perfect invitation. Then, he realized that he was focusing on the wrong thing, and refocused his energy on the invitations.
It was at these events that he started interviewing. These interviews were almost immediately successful, and have since become the core focus of Mixergy.

"I want to take ideas of successful people... present them to other ambitious people like me so they can go out and build something”

Mixing it Up: Unlimited Paths to Success

According to Warner, Mixergy doesn’t have a business model. Instead, Mixergy runs on a giving model. Everything on Mixergy is intended to inspire new entrepreneurs; Warner has succeeded already. Sharing his passion for entrepreneurship with new entrepreneurs drives him daily.
Mixergy is now the go-to place on the Internet for interviews of entrepreneurs, including Gary Vaynerchuk of WineLibrary.tv, Tim Ferriss of The 4-Hour Workweek, Jason Fried of 37signals, and Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia.

Warner says that Mixergy’s primary value is communicating, through hundreds of interviews with iconoclastic entrepreneurs, that there are many paths to success.
Mixergy, through example rather than pontification, demonstrates that you shouldn’t follow a single method to success. It probably won’t work for you, Warner says.
“I have hundreds of entrepreneurs…and not one of them is one that you should follow exactly, and none of them would pretend that you should,” Warner says.

What’s Next for Mixergy?

“I like when [entrepreneurs] say things they aren’t supposed to say…’Here’s how I stumbled,’” Warner says of where he wants Mixergy to go. He thinks the most valuable interviews in Mixergy’s archives are the ones in which entrepreneurs show a glimpse of humanity — and humility. While he has considered a book, it is not a priority for him. Every interview is, in a sense, a mini-book, with an abundance of lessons and knowledge in each one. He feels as though this is better than a one-off book, as this allows him to release a mini-book a day.
Entrepreneurs Warner chooses to interview are already telling him that they’re fans of the website. Warner’s Mixergy has, by any standard of measurement, succeeded at its primary mission: to inspire a new generation of creators and innovators.


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