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Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Trust Marketing Video to Support Foundation Trust Application.


This video created by Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals
NHS Trust in conjunction with M and M Communications Agency was the first joint
marketing venture that the organization had undertaken with the agency who had
been commissioned to help develop the organizations Marketing Strategy 2010 -

The video is 6 minutes and 54 seconds in duration and
markets the organization in order to again members in support of the
organizations application for Foundation Trust status.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives that will be gained from the
video will allow viewers to understand the process that a health care
organization has to undergo to gain Foundation Trust status in the United
Kingdom. The video allows the local population, patients and staff to
understand the services that hospital currently provides the future ambitions
of the organization and the achievements of the organization at the time the
video was created.

The areas to consider that are highlighted in the video are:

Ø Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital’s ambition to be the
patients’ first choice for care

Ø Quality of care

Ø Accountable organization

Ø The current services offered by the organization

Ø Future developments and services intended

Ø Specialist
services offered at organization

Ø Performance in areas of waiting times and infection

Ø A good organization to work

Discussion of Video

The video is a marketing video created by Ashford and
St Peter’s Hospital NHS Trust to consult and encourage local people, patients
and staff on becoming a Foundation Trust Hospital. The hospital markets several
areas of its organization in the video. The video has participants ranging from
patients, staff and the chief executive of the organization.

The video informs the viewers of the organization
intention and application for Foundation Trust status the video highlights the
quality of care received by patients admitted to the hospital, the friendliness
of the staff who works in the organization. The video markets the current services and
specialist services that are offered but also clearly communicates their
ambitions for future developments that they will be able to achieve if
successful in gaining Foundation Trust status.

The video informs viewers of the achievements that the
organization has made to date in relating to current government targets such as
shortened waiting times and good progress with infection control rates which
are the two main concerns of patients who access the health care system.

The video also markets professionalism of the staff
employed within the organization and that it is an excellent place to work with
being friendly and flexible for employees.

The video can be accessed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBW708jwDuI


The video gives the viewers the opportunity to make a
decision whether to support the organization in the pending application for
Foundation Trust status. The video gives the organization the first opportunity
to market its services and to communicate the future ambitions of the
organization. Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Hospitals Trust successfully gained
Foundation Trust status in December 2010.

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