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Baby Clothing Business Success Story

A mother and a daughter becoming top notch entrepreneurs is a rarity. Mother Jeanne Roth, an entrepreneur, and daughter Leslie Smith, an elementary teacher, teamed up to form L’ilDarlins. The most practical and trendy products have been created by L’ilDarlins, which provide accessories for moms, babies and toddlers. Their variety of products include -
  1. BibARoo
  2. Burpee Cloth
  3. Burpee Bouquet
  4. Hoodie Bath Towel
  5. Sweet Dreams pillowcase
  6. Love My Cozy
  7. KidzApronAll.

The daughter, Leslie Smith, attributes her success to her three little girls. As a mom, she looked for high quality and practical accessories for children to grow with. Their first product, BiBARoo, fulfilled the customer's requirements. The product is a full body bib to cover the babies. The high quality apron is still in demand. The bib protects the baby's clothes from food stains and spills.

Backed by self-finance, the biggest challenge was to find a manufacturer in the U.S who would be within a reasonable distance and produce quality products. The series of challenges did not end there. The mom-daughter team had to convince the buyers that their product was unique and could stand out from the rest of the baby accessories. Presently, their products can be found in the baby aisle of every store. Currently, their manufacturer is Harris Manufacturing Inc. in Trenton, NJ.

Quotes shared by Leslie Smith -
"I think that is very important when running a business…you must be able to adapt to change and be willing to step back and rethink how you can continue your success."

"Mistakes are learning experiences - not failures"

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