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Marketing/Advertising: Binary Pulse

Binary Pulse Technology Marketing specializes in demand generating programs for the high-tech industry. With clients ranking among the elite technology organizations in the world, Binary Pulse pursues projects in digital and print media for leading computer hardware and software companies as well as visionary organizations using existing and emerging technologies to actively break new ground.

Our focus on technology affords us unique insight into your market's nuances. Binary Pulse was founded by industry insiders and B2B experts who have run the same gauntlets you run everyday. You could say technology is our religion, for we have extolled the virtues of hundreds of products in scores of technical fields. Our experience has led to an uncommon technical aptitude and a smoother learning curve. When you put us to work, we hit the ground running, getting up to speed on your products quickly and bringing a wealth of valuable insight to bear from the get-go.

No firm works harder than Binary Pulse. Our long-standing belief in tangible, accountable hard work helps us generate results with proven methods and sound reasoning. Technology waits for no one and far be it from us to slow down progress by not busting our collective butts.

This single-minded devotion to technology marketing that works is the primary reason that our clients turn to us when they need to generate results. The technology market isn’t just any market, but then, Binary Pulse isn’t just any marketing firm.

What makes Binary Pulse different?

You may ask how we are different from other marketing firms. Three components comprise our (and your) advantage.

Technical aptitude – Technology. We love the stuff. There is nothing cooler for us than crawling into a new discipline and figuring out what makes it tick – sometimes, literally. We do this all the time, so if we take on a client with a unique technical application, our learning curve is much flatter. Put simply, we’ve learned how to learn. And through that process, we understand how to distill your business down to its most potent essence and communicate the resulting benefits effectively to your target audience.

Channel experience – We don’t just understand your products, we also understand how they get sold. From a two- or three-tier distribution model to end-user sales chains, there are certain universal truths we are intimately familiar with. This understanding of how business gets done puts Binary Pulse in a unique position to help you avoid classic marketing pitfalls and exploit untapped opportunities.

Work ethic – Binary Pulse understands the need for nimble response. We employ a talented, hardworking in-house team that is empowered to make and implement decisions on a moment’s notice. All with a single point of control and convenience — all obedient to your needs. We put in the extra hours. We jump through the hoops. We never miss a deadline. So, while the technology industry may change unpredictably, we’ll make you look like you knew it was coming all along.

In-house offerings
Not only can Binary Pulse talk the talk, we walk the walk. Our unique blend of in-house capabilities allows us to tightly integrate strategy and execution.

  • Copywriting
  • Digital audio/music
  • 2D & 3D illustration
  • Animation
  • Conceptualization
  • Multimedia authoring
  • Web development
  • Database integration
  • Interface design
  • Media research
  • Proprietary reseller database
  • Print
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  • StumbleUpon
  • del.icio.us
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo! Buzz
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