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Blu-ray Growth – The Value of the Market Research Survey





The video you are about to view discusses the growth of the Blue Ray Home Theater in a Box (HTIB).  Market research is essential for any business as it attempts to identify the demands of the customer base in order to ensure the correct advertising approach as well as the correct quantity of units to provide to the market.  In each market segment, there are leaders in products as well as in the analysts who know the market best and are the “go to” authority for market trends. The video features an interview with Tom Adams – an expert in media industry market analysis.




After viewing this course, you will:


·   understand the importance of different methods of product introduction


·  identify market intent as a key factor in determining product direction


·  explain the benefits of quality market research




In the interview with Tom Adams, President of Adams Media Research, Mr. Adams discusses the future of Blu Ray technology and its standing in the American marketplace.  Of special interest to the interviewer is
Adams “best guess” of where the Blu Ray industry is headed and whether it has climaxed or still has room to grow.
  Adams response that growth is going up and expected to grow from the current population of three million systems to at least nine million in the future, is based on his extensive knowledge of the market and market research that his company has conducted.   


Adams also comments on the unique marketing demands that the technology requires.  His comment that “You have to show it to them to get them to buy it” is at the heart of the marketing technique which is centered on trade fairs.  Marketing is a key demand of market research and must identify the best method of introducing a product as well as convincing consumers to purchase it.   


Adams also notes that the recession has not harmed the company’s sales, and instead states that the “intent to buy” numbers are up.  This is a second area of market research that needs to be conducted in
order for the business to be successful since positive growth numbers show the business that it is on the right track and helps them to identify the correct quantity of product to provide to the market.
  Oversupply or undersupply can be devastating to the business and result in loss of resources or outright failure of the business.  




Market research is the key to business success in introduction of a new product.  Tom Adams is a leader in the field of media market research.  His opinion is based on solid research and a lot of quantification that resulted from market research.  His approach, focused on the scientific approach, also includes visits to trade fairs and any other venues where customers and businesses that provide media products can be approached and provide insights on views that may not yet be available or even considered.


\clip_image001.jpg" o:href="http://l.yimg.com/a/p/i/bcst/yp/revision3/17618/120190959.jpg">Blu-ray Adoption: Dying or Growing? - HD …


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