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Brand Yourself

In today’s super-charged, globally competitive advertising world, branding yourself as well as your business can make the difference between a stand-out performance and mediocre exposure. We know exactly how to help both the new entrepreneur and the seasoned company-owner find a powerful voice in the market place. Our package of services is designed to create a brand that will not only gain attention, but produce loyal followers and increase your sales revenue exponentially.

Why branding?

Essentially, branding yourself involves identifying who you are through life and work experience, what you can offer, and why consumers can benefit from your service. Exposing your personality humanizes you in a world that gets bored with strictly materialistic approaches. Defining that unique quality or characteristic and showing how it is relevant is our job, and one we take very seriously. We also want your customers to easily understand your message and to value what you are offering. The secret lies in creating a consistent message, one that is memorable and has a cleverness about it that appeals to the right audience.

Brand6: SIX channels to brand yourself

Once your identity is established, the next step is to get you out of the confines of your website and in to the public eye with a consistent, appealing, and understandable message. There are several ways our company makes this happen:

  • Feature profiles
  • Video/ interviews professionally produced
  • Feature presentation in industry-related media
  • Press releases
  • “Expert” exposure on related sites
  • Interaction and interviews with marketing partners

With over 55 million people regularly visiting social networking sites, you need to make a statement there too. Branding yourself means becoming known through media in all forms—blogs, directories, newsletters, and social sites such as Twitter and Facebook. As an entrepreneur, your name and friendly picture will attract followers who are consistently exposed to your message, service, and/or product.

Who would think that a gecko or a caveman could sell insurance? How about the famous Nike “swoosh”? Even the humorous Apple vs. PC commercials leave us with a message. By allowing us to professionally brand you and your business, you can experience the same powerful rewards. You will attract better traffic and create opportunities for leveraging your efforts in other areas, all the while sustaining an already established, loyal customer base. Let use help you be the best you can be by creating a successful brand of which you can be justly proud.

Feel free to contact us for more information:
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