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Featured Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneurship can be exciting and challenging. Winning entrepreneurial endeavors usually require creativity and wise marketing strategies. We can help you get worldwide exposure to promote your business with the most effectiveness and reach your goals quickly when you join Entrepreneur21.net.

Tell your story

When you have a product, opportunity or service to market, widespread exposure is crucial for highly successful business networking. Skillful entrepreneurship always includes marketing yourself, your company and your products or services. A successful business plan will take advantage of innovative marketing strategies and methods, follow the newest trends or even create new ones.

Videos say a million words

The Internet presents a wonderful opportunity for all types of entrepreneurship promotion, from small work from home businesses to large enterprises. Entrepreneur21.net gives you the opportunity to include video in your Internet marketing strategies and greatly enhance the effectiveness of your presentations. With video, you can smile, show emotions, look your viewers in the eye, and give your presentation a personal touch. Your audience will be much more attentive to your message when they can see you as well as listen to you. You can advertise your product or service, share an opportunity or demonstrate a product, and the viral video increases recognition of your product.

The popularity of web video is growing by leaps and bounds with more and more people streaming online video every day. The amazing success of YouTube in such a short time testifies to the fact that the visual element is extremely important for online promotion, successful young entrepreneurship and business networking. Work from home businesses already benefit from Internet exposure with their business networking strategies, but when they follow the latest trends and include video presentations on our Entrepreneur21.net site as well, their chances of success is greatly improved.

Be Featured & Get Reconized

Some of the current entrepreneurial leaders featured on our site are Kirsten Mangers, founder of WebVisible, Andrew Warner of Mixergy and Spencer Brown of Rent-a-Green Box. Depending on your membership level, we will conduct a professional interview with you and feature it on our website as well. You can determine the focus of your interview to gain the best advantage from it.

You may ask where we conduct these interviews? The simple answer is wherever we have to! While we can set up a time to do these interviews at a number of different locations, we conduct many of our entrepreneurship interviews at our annual entrepreneurs conference (econ). This conference promotes the entrepreneurial spirit and spotlights emerging trends and the people behind them. This celebration brings together some of the world’s best and brightest entrepreneurs under one roof to share some of their insights and disruptive ideas. The next conference will be econ 2011 (www.entrepreneursconference.com) in November in Los Angeles, but don’t wait until then to join Entrepreneur21.net. Start working your business plan with video on the net right away, and get ready for the exposure you and your company deserve.

Interested in giving a video interview?
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