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CalUniversity's goal is to provide superior distance education through our online degrees. At CalUniversity students are engaged by superlative faculty who are industry professionals. They believe that in order for you to become your best, you must learn from industry leaders and experts.

Through CalUniversity students are challenged to compete at top levels, developing greater skill sets and superb knowledge. Their accelerated online degree programs are both fast and flexible, enabling learners to complete their program in 18-24 months for a online Masters of Business Administration (MBA) or 24-30 months for their online Doctorates of Business Administration(DBA). Or be ambitious and aim for CalUniversity's Dual Degree program which can be completed in about three and a half years! Their Bachelors students complete their degree in as little as 2.5 years. While visiting their site, inquire about the demonstration of CalUniversity's online course delivery!

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