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Challenges for Single Parent Entrepreneur

Success comes quickly with fearlessness, business savvy and perseverance. Demonstrating such a feat is Bianca Whitfield, who has developed her business from a one-woman business into a small business with its own office and employees. Previously an accountant, Bianca saw an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. She decided to start her own an accounting, tax and financial services firm. As a result, WhitGroup Consulting LLC originated.

Presently a single parent with a one-year old daughter, Bianca Whitfield had faced various challenges before emerging as a successful entrepreneur. She started the Leadership Development Program for Minority Managers at Johns Hopkins University. Through this incredible program, she began to learn to tap her potential. A number of dedicated professors poured in their training and knowledge. Bianca decided to utilize this and was determined to become an entrepreneur. Bianca started the Leadership Development Program in September.In October, she incorporated WhitGroup in the state of Maryland.

A big challenge Bianca Whitfield faced was the transition to a self-employment. After a rigorous thought process, she began cutting her expenses and saving more. She began working for three days per week. When she got her first client and signed the contract, she quit her accounting job. From then on, there was no turning back. Cash flow was another challenge she had to face. The biggest challenge, however, was balancing work and home. Her daughter had fallen sick and experienced problems with the school. Bianca could not face her client needs and audit reports. She decided to work smarter by getting more people into the organization. Now, she has a well-trained staff under her command and most of the challenges are faced with ease.

WhitGroup has three core service areas: accounting, focused primarily on nonprofits, tax, and financial advising. The nonprofit accounting serves as a backbone of her business. Bianca takes enormous pride in serving the organization that serve the community.

Quotes shared by Bianca Whitfield-

"Be relentless and fearless. When I became a single parent I knew that I had a huge responsibility to care of this little tiny person that depended on me. It lit a fire in me to be the best that I could be, and I haven’t quit striving for that goal yet. Don’t give up and don’t let anyone or anything defeat you. You don’t have to be perfect, you just can’t quit."

"Take time to implement your vision, and don’t let everyone else tell you what that should be. Advice is great, but it’s your life. If you can’t work on Sunday because you volunteer at your church all day, then don’t work on Sunday."

"It’s your life, and you decide how to live it. You can be miserable at the gala and satisfy someone else, or you can fall asleep on a good movie at home in your bunny slippers and send a gift basket to the award winner the following week."

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