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Children Video Distribution

Tamara Carlisle had been in the film industry for a decade, producing high-end commercials. In spite of having a successful career in the field, she quit the job to distribute videos for kids. Today, BigKidsVideo.com, her online business, successfully sells independently produced children's videos. Presently, the company has two full- time employees other than herself, and one part-time employee. Her idea for a home-based business paid off -- Big Kids Productions, Inc, and BigKidsVideo.com have become a top notch business and have played an important role in the children's entertainment industry.

The idea for the business was given to her by her father, who wanted her to make a film for children about construction. Her first video, called "Heavy Equipment Operator” proved to be successful as it made its way to many school libraries and retail stores. Tamara then realized that the market was dominated by a few multimillion dollar corporations. Genuine children's videos were not able to make a mark in the market because the producers were working mothers who had difficulty distributing the videos.

Tamara decided to start a distribution company on her own. .

The initial steps were a big challenge for Tamara Carlisle. She was entering into a distribution sector where she had never set foot before. After spending several months making calls, she developed concrete relationships with wholesale outlets and retail customers. The company started distributing in 1995 and had a website by 1996.

The company focuses more on live action videos. Videos are selected after ensuring that they are non-violent and educational. Tamara worked hard to provide first rate quality. Packaging is also given special attention, as she feels it is important and complements a product. Initially, she started by direct-mailing a small brochure that consisted of nine videos. Distribution was evenly spread between wholesale and retail stores. When the company's website was launched, the business was already established in the children's entertainment industry.

Towards the end 1999, the company found successful business online. Having an e-commerce site paid off. However, only 10% of the business is done on the web. In addition to online marketing, the company deals in offline marketing. A 44-page catalog is sent to customers twice a year. Newspapers and magazines also serve as a good medium for marketing. The offline marketing strategies add value to the online business as it lures hundreds of customers to their site. People who receive the catalog use the web to place orders. Promotion strategies, like offering a free video for every video purchase, proved to be beneficial. Tamara also provisioned free shipping for every three items. This attracted more customers to the business.

The company's prime focus is service and more service. Tamara lays emphasis on keeping existing customers happy while creating more customers. After the fourth order, customers are entitled to receive a 10% discount on items.

Through promotion of the website and word of mouth, the company also ships their products outside the U.S. Even though Tamara is busy leading the company, she is able to spend time with her children since the business is home-based. Although Tamara had formerly proven herself to be a successful producer, she moved into distribution because it is more economical and the pay-off is better.

Being a living example of a success story, Tamara never loses hope or faith in her products. The company seeks new business every day and keeping the customers satisfied is the most important task of all.

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