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Company Diversity Management

Diversity management is a long term process for a CEO. Individuals are recruited for their skills rather than their cultural background. Diversity may occur at every level of an organization. Any heterogeneous difference among people in a specific environment is known as diversity. In a broader sense, diversity goes beyond race and gender. There are more elements that define the aspect of diversity.

They are -

  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Sexual preference
  • Origin of location
  • Attitudes
  • Term of office
  • Designation

Perception of the diversity type may differ from one person to another, but an organization is supposed to manage the differences and maintain a homogeneous environment. CEOs do not have a specific process for handling the rate of diversity in their company. Each CEO will have a different approach to arrive at a solution. Even so, there are certain similarities in their processes. While recruiting an employee, his/her culture is completely ignored. Instead, the individual is tested based on the following criteria -

  • Commitment towards top management
  • Leadership qualities
  • Clear cut goals
  • Career missions
  • Cultural support
  • Proactive involvement
  • Adaptability
  • Respect for coworkers

If the mentioned qualities are found in an employee, a CEO can be assured of a harmonious system. It can be implied that diversity has been successfully achieved. People in an organization need to understand the career benefits inherent in avoiding having any issues surrounding cultural diversity. It is the role of the CEO to keep a check on such factors and maintain a perfect system.

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