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Create the Right Website Design

Web Design and usability matter a lot when creating a company web site, and getting it right could be the difference between business success and business failure. Web sites respond differently from other advertising media for two primary reasons. 
  1. Web users are incredibly impatient.
  2. Web users are incredibly smart.

Design into your website options for your visitors and you can increase both the number of people you sell to and the size of your average sell. It is necessary for you to design your selling strategies into your website selling sequence.

Getting Web design right is hard. A cross section of the population will have their own opinion of a particular design, there are usually as many opinions as the number of people. Good designers are interested in the practical application of their creative output and design is not just about aesthetics, it also embraces usability, cost and other important factors.

Designing a Web site that can sell successfully has many of the elements of ordinary sales and marketing, combined with creativity.

Some of the specific ways that can achieve marketing success on the web are by making sure the following web marketing elements.

  1. Using a strong marketing headline that is focused on the site visitor.
  2. Be consistent with branding.  Use the company logo and keep the colors consistent with other marketing materials.
  3. Focus on the Products & Services offered by the company.
  4. Contact details to be easily locatable.
  5. Clear call to action, asking the visitor clearly what you want them to do.
  6. Use testimonials and brand logos from your business partners.
  7. Interact intelligently with your site visitor.
  8. Search engine optimization of the site to help it come up easily during searches done on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…
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