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Customer Service Satisfaction – Keep your Regulars Happy

Business owners are so focused on acquiring new customers that they forget to keep a check on the ones they already gained. The aftermath of neglecting the established customers is serious. The business might end up losing its customer base to the competition. Hence, it is not wise to ignore the existing customers. Existing customers are the regulars who are loyal to the business and it is upon their demand that the business survives.
There are a few ways to make the regular customers come back, and probably acquire new ones in the process.

Rewards for Regulars
Introduce schemes to keep the existing customers happy. For instance, you can offer a discount on products after the fifth or sixth purchase of the same customer. Following these kinds of schemes will significantly increase the sales of the business. It helps future loyalty of the customers.

Frequent Calls
Keep in touch with the regulars. Existing customers are pleased to be acknowledged occasionally. If the business launches new products, the existing customers can be informed via mail, text or calls.  If there are events for the launch, the loyal customers ought to be invited.

Opinion Matters
Customers are often eager to voice out their opinions and suggest new ideas to improve the business. Surveys can be handed to the regulars on a half-yearly basis. Existing customers are the best ones to give opinions on how the quality of service and products can be improved.

Follow Up
Keep track of the customers who buy products on a frequent basis. Find means to contact them and inquire if they were satisfied with the product. Customers feel more secure in purchasing your products this way.

Charitable Ventures
Involve your customers in events like community service and other good causes. Request customers to bring in food supplies, clothes and other accessories for the poor and needy, and in exchange, offer the customers special discounts on products. Customers love to be part of a good cause and get rewarded for it.

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