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David Song of ‘Irea Chemical Enterprise’ talks healthy paint

David Song, CEO of Irea Chemical Enterprise, in Korea spoke to entrepreneurs regarding his groundbreaking products: natural and wellbeing paint. Using ingredients that are 100%, environmentally friendly and utilizing anions (negatively charged ions); Song’s company does not just produce paint that is free of harmful fumes, but paint that is actually good for you. According to a statement on the official website, the company has made more than $3 million in sales in 2006.

Beginning in 1999, Song’s company began as a chemical distributor throughout Korea but now focuses on making healthy, natural paints that promote wellness in the home environment. The company has seen growth and expanded their distributor base into neighboring Asia and India. The paint is based upon an Anion interior finisher that provides a wide array of benefits. Made from natural pine, the paint’s high level of anion helps to reduce a home’s humidity, and increases oxidation. Song refers to anions as the “vitamins of the air.” Due to its natural content, those who use the paint do not need to worry about breathing in toxic, harmful fumes commonly associated with paint. Song recommends the pain in uses such as hospitals, bedrooms, nurseries, senior centers, daycare centers or any place where health is of the utmost concern.

Song attributes the company’s success to the presence of anion in the paint and says that the substance helps promote wellness in both body and mind. According to Irea Chemical Enterprise, the paint has been tested in several areas including the presence of negative ions, anti fungal properties, anti bacterial properties and far infrared. Irea Chemical Enterprise also credits the natural paint with reducing or eliminating mold, deodorizing, repelling ticks, helping to adjust humidity levels, and having antibacterial properties. Song states that the high presence of anions in the paint permeates through the environment promoting health and well-being to those who are exposed to them.


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