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Dr. Shaan Kumar, Founder & CEO of California Intercontinental University

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California InterContinental University: A Legacy, Not a Business

The history of California InterContinental University is as varied and exciting as the entrepreneurs taught by its professors. The founder and CEO Dr. Shaan Kumar's early business endeavors was EdNET, an IT training and certification center that instantly achieved great success. Within a few years, it expanded from 5 training centers to 36 to eventually over 150. That growth attracted generous offers and was eventually bought by another corporation and went public.

Following the success of EdNET, Dr. Kumar decided to convert some of the EdNET centers into management training centers, as he had learned the global education business model from founding and running EdNET. He developed this business into another company called NETed which offered online learning technologies and content services to Fortune 500 companies such as HP and Sun.

"California InterContinental University is not a business, but a legacyā€¯

Inspiration Hits

As he ran both his management training centers as well is his learning/technology business, inspiration hit him: why not combine the two ideas into one business?

Dr. Kumar decided to put what he had learned from technology as well as what he had learned about teaching management techniques and synthesize the two concepts into a unique and innovative degree granting institution. As this was only 2001, the idea of an online degree granting institution was not nearly as ubiquitous as it is today.

At first, his university was called California University of Technology -- a purely descriptive name to describe what the institution would teach. However, the school soon expanded to include health care, media, entertainment, and other topics, and with this change in scope came a name change: California InterContinental University.

The Challenges of Getting Accredited

It took Dr. Kumar nearly three years just to get his provisional license to teach in the State of California; you need a provisional license in order to become accredited as a degree granting institution. California was then, as it is now, in a difficult financial state, so they didn't allocate resumes towards the approval process. It took four years to get full approval.

This accreditation process was incredibly difficult and challenging for Dr. Kumar. Based on his research, he found out about an organization called Distance Education and Training Council [DETC], the inventors of distance learning since 1890. DETC is a pioneer and the global standard for online education accreditation.

Dr. Kumar's experience in technology taught him that he needed the right people, the right process, and the right technology in order to succeed. Armed with this insight, the accreditation process through DETC was a phenomenal experience in higher education, compliance and ultimately student satisfaction.

The unexpected challenges that Dr. Kumar has overcome in order for California InterContinental University to succeed have helped to build what he believes is a very prestigious business. His vision to start CalUniversity, as its most commonly referred to, was to provide education for everyone, anywhere, and at anytime. It was to enable learners to become the successful business professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs of the 21st century.


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