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Dublin Consulting

Lance Dublin is a recognized leader in applying strategic thinking and design to:

  • revitalizing learning
  • implementing change
  • transforming organizations

Lance brings to his work with clients both an extensive base of experience and expertise and also a unique approach to consulting. In working with clients to produce powerful results, he employs proven principles and techniques of creative abrasion and appreciative inquiry. At this intersection the energy level of the conversation is raised. Alternative assumptions and frames of thought are advocated for. The status quo and current mindsets are challenged. Tension and conflicting viewpoints are introduced. And, at the same time, the positives are found and built upon. The conversation is re-framed from an inclusive perspective. There is praise as well as critique. There is truly deep dialogue. And, at this intersection, the most powerful insights and, therefore, most innovative solutions are born.
This site will enable you to learn more about Lance's background, professional services, and current work as well as download Lance's presentations and articles, and access resources.

Lance Dublin has been an advocate for innovative approaches to learning and change throughout his career. He went from designing a weeklong "Experiment in Free Form Education" program in high school to co-founding one of the nation's first fully accredited 'University Without Walls'. Later recognizing the impact of new user-centered technologies on people, business and learning, he founded and built Dublin Group, a company which became a leader in improving individual and organizational performance and implementing large-scale change.

Lance is now an independent management consultant, international speaker and author based in San Francisco, California and serving clients world-wide. He specializes in strategy development, program design, and implementation for corporate learning, change management, and organizational development initiatives. He brings to his work more than 30 years' experience in adult education and training, communication and change leadership, and motivation and innovation. He is the co-author of the capstone book in ASTD's e-learning series, "Implementing e-Learning" and has contributed chapters and articles to numerous other books and professional publications.
Lance was Founder and CEO of Dublin Group from its formation in 1983 until he sold the company in 1998. Under his leadership this company became recognized for its innovative solutions to improving individual and organizational performance and effective approaches to successfully implementing large-scale change initiatives. Prior to this, Lance was the founder, Dean, and later Provost of Antioch University/West, an innovative accredited bachelor's and master's degree program serving 1,000 students in the western states and Hawaii.

Lance can be reached directly at: lance@dublinconsulting.net or 415-759-1258.

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