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E21 Vision

My story is one that is familiar to many first-generation entrepreneurs: I’ve always liked to dream big; but I’ve always had a vision to make it.

Before I document the reasons for this site, it’s important to know my story so that you can relate, and understand why I’ve built this destination for the most important class of individuals in the world…THE ENTREPRENEURS.

I started my career as a software engineer, specializing in Oracle database administration in1995. Two years later at age 23, I fulfilled my dream, and promise to my family, by earning my MBA. I worked hard and eventually founded EdNET Global Consulting, my own software and services company. It was at this point in my life that I began to fuse my technical knowledge with my intuition and knowledge of business theory.

The IT Revolution

When I found a shortage of IT professionals in the worldwide marketplace, my entrepreneurial instincts took over and I decided to fill this need by starting EdNET Software Training Centers for professionals worldwide. By year 2000, this enterprise rapidly expanded to over 150 centers, educating over 200,000 IT professionals, in 9 countries and over 3 continents.

In the beginning, as a novice ‘technopreneur’, I gained hardcore and hands-on experience in designing and patenting many processes and technologies. I was also involved in developing one of the first browser based ERP system, other IT solutions, and Internet business ventures. In 2000, while working in the Silicon Valley, I was gratified to be recognized as a Microsoft.net Evangelist. In addition, I was honored as the best Entrepreneur of the Year by Silicon Valley Technopreneurs Center.

Think Global, Go Global

My expertise and innovative thinking set the groundwork for the rapid development of existing companies to reach new heights and for emerging enterprises to flourish in the global arena. I was exposed to mergers and acquisitions, global franchise development, and establishing strategic partnerships and joint ventures across industries. I was also able to offer solutions and services to many industry verticals in the fields of banking, telecom, pharmaceuticals, health care, higher education, manufacturing, and government. My passion has been in Internet start-ups, information technology, education, media, and entertainment related businesses.

Over the course of a decade as a global entrepreneur and strategic angel investor, I secured over $85 million in investments for many high-tech and software companies. Some of these companies went on to be acquired by large firms and some issued successful IPOs.

Leave a legacy behind you!

After all of that work in the field of technology, it’s ironic that someone who started as an average student in school was able to earn his Doctorate in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Business Management. Most recently, I’ve been able to give the gift of education to others as the founder of California InterContinental University (CalUniversity), a fast growing and globally recognized accredited institution of higher learning.

My journey was not easy. The path to success was of the "no pain, no gain" variety. When founding CalUniversity, particularly when trying to obtain licensing and national accreditation for the university, I encountered obstacles. The key, however, is that I never gave up. I strongly believe CalUniversity will be my most fulfilling legacy.

Leapfrog Over Challenges

Through all these experiences, I’ve been able to tackle the issues that most people face and learn a valuable lesson. I’ve long been a strong advocate for "leapfrogging," or jumping over inferior business techniques and moving straight on to more advanced methods and technologies in order to hurdle past business challenges. I believe that by leapfrogging you can save time, deliver more, and reach your goals faster than through traditional methods of building businesses.

"The approach is simple: Take a big, innovative idea, and learn from others about what works and what doesn't.”

You don’t have to fail in order to learn. You can learn from the stumbles and struggles of others and jump up the ladder; that’s what leapfrogging is all about. Just stay committed to your vision, and you will have the strength to work through trying times.

My story is not terribly different than that of most other successful entrepreneurs. However, looking back, I do not believe it had to be as difficult as it was. If only there were a way to have the guidance, mentorship, and coaching of those who had gone before me, I may have been able to reach my goals much more quickly, without making as many mistakes along the way.

" I recently published a book called “Vision Brilliance Success” that draws on my experience taking a company from concept to IPO and everything in between.”

Entrepreneur21 Is Born

I didn’t have a resource like Entrepreneur 21 (E21) when I was getting started as an entrepreneur. Thus, one of my motivations for founding Entrepreneur 21 is to provide for young, budding entrepreneurs what I did not have when I was struggling to make it in the world of business.

Membership to E21 is open to all those interested in growing and developing global entrepreneurship. E21 invites new members, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, successful executives, professionals, students, academics, and the entire body of globally-minded organizations and individuals to come together and nurture entrepreneurial growth worldwide.

E21 membership gives individuals an opportunity to be a part of the movement that will foster an era of global interconnectivity. Members also have an opportunity to develop their careers, customer base, networking, attending workshops and conferences, creating business plan reviews, obtaining funding, participating in advisory committees and expert panels, taking certificate courses, and obtain grants and scholarships to earn higher education. The potential is unlimited.

Providing to entrepreneurs the resources I wished I had years ago is my vision and goal for this website.

Now it is up to you to join and share your stories and questions to make this site the best one for emerging entrepreneurs.

Join now - Application Entrepreneur21 Network.

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