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Entrepreneurs Conference – ECON 2011


Members who sign up before March 31, 2011 will be able to attend the full ECON2011 conference at NO COST!!

For more information and to learn about how to RSVP please click HERE!

ECON2011 is Entrepreneur21.networks’ 2nd Annual Entrepreneurs’ Conference that is sponsored by the United States Global Enterprise Association (USGEA).

ECON was created to celebrate and encourage entrepreneurs from all over the US to COLLABOR8, encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, and honor those who were doing an exceptional job in their part as entrepreneurs. Those honored at last year’s ECON2010 included:

Spencer Brown

Spencer Brown, Founder of Rentagreenbox.com

Green Entrepreneur of the Year, ECON 2010

Kristin Mangers, Founder of Webvisible

Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, ECON 2010

Andrew Warner, Founder of Mixergy

Young Entrepreneur of the Year, ECON 2010

Where/When will it take place?

What better way to honor and celebrate National Entrepreneurs’ Day (November 19th) than by launching into the month of November with ECON 2011! Last year’s ECON event was a HUGE SUCCESS that we decided to make this year’s conference a 2 day event instead of just 1!

This year’s ECON will be held on Nov. 3rd & 4that the beautiful Westin Los Angeles Airport located at 5400 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90045. Map (310) 216-5858

Why should you attend?

With Entrepreneurship, E-Marketing, Edutainment (3n1) being this year’s conference main focus, you will gain everything you will need to help you succeed in your entrepreneurial conquest!

You will also have the opportunity to sit through informative lectures, participate in workshop sessions, and explore common entrepreneurial topics through Q&A sessions with successful global entrepreneurs and use the provided cocktail networking hour to increase your network connections. What better way to take advantage of and enjoy the benefits of learning from and networking with global business leaders, professionals, executives, investors, and successful entrepreneurs than by attending ECON 2011!

How do I sign up?

Take your first step into entrepreneurial success by signing up as a member with www.entrepreneur21.net

First 100 that purchase an “Entrepreneur” membership will have the opportunity to be featured in E21 magazine and have a live recorded interview to be featured on VisionHD.tv.

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