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Emergency Preparedness Training for the Department of Health

video has been created by the Coventry University which is a university based
in the United Kingdom it is a short video of 3.32 minutes duration.

video outlines the role that Coventry University plays in the assessment of a
number of organisations with a special emphasis on healthcare organisations
testing there disaster plans and prepare for disasters and emergency

learning objectives that will be gained from the video will allow viewers to
appreciate the different types of disasters that can affect healthcare
organizations such as flooding, famine, environmental or natural. The video
will allow health care workers to identify the crucial areas that should be
considered when testing their disaster plans and how to plan an assessment or
drill of their existing disaster plans.

areas to consider that are highlighted in the video are:

Ø  Looking after people during a disaster

Ø  How to prepare, manage and recover from a disaster

Ø  How emergency departments interact with other
departments in the hospital setting during a disaster

Ø  The management of patient flow during an disaster

Ø  How to manage the increase in patient volume during a

video details how a test and assessment of a healthcare organisation’s disaster
plan can be tested.  The Coventry
University strategy is to use a method known as simulation exercise to test and
assess a healthcare organisations disaster management plans over two days.

 Day 1

level of staff within the organisation is assessed as well as looking at

structure is examined.

disaster simulation exercise is undertaken in real time utilising only the
resources that the organisation have at there disposal at the time of the

duration of the exercise is usually 5 hours in real time.


de-brief takes place that questions whether the organisational disaster plan
functioned as it was intended to during the simulation exercise.  

report of findings is prepared and presented to chief executives of the
healthcare organisation with recommendations of lessons learnt and future
planning and development.

video can be accessed at

 In summary this
short video gives the viewers the ability to identify the crucial areas of a
disaster plan when considering the testing and assessment of the organisational
disaster plan that is in place.  

University examined the entire disaster plans in the United Kingdom healthcare
system in 2004 then conducted tests and assessments too examine how well the
disaster plans would function in the event of a disaster situation. Coventry
University was the first university in the UK to offer a disaster management


of Health (2004) Audit Office. Department of Health. London. 


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