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Encouragement for New Entrepreneurs

New Entrepreneurs need support and encouragement. Entrepreneur 21 provides that encouragement and support by creating an online networking forum. Entrepreneurs increase their networking opportunities and share advice on everything from branding, to business coaching, to writing business plans. In this video Hal Lefervre, CEO of GiftSnap.com, talks about his startup company that makes mobile gift cards for smart phones. He also speaks more generally about being an entrepreneur and offers advice for new entrepreneurs.

Lefevre explains what his product is and why he decided there was an untapped market for mobile gift cards. He mentions that Best Buy had $463 million dollars in unclaimed gift cards last year and that in many states retailers don’t get to keep that money. Since businesses have no way to track traditional gift card recipients they lose revenue and marketing information. GiftSnap.com allows businesses to track who receives the cards as well as who buys them. This opportunity combined a market niche with several of his interests he explains.

The second half of the video is where Lefevre discusses his love of being an entrepreneur and gives advice to beginning entrepreneurs. His enthusiasm is evident and he is very encouraging. Being an entrepreneur, he says, requires passion. You need good business sense but without passion you won’t be successful. Passion alone isn’t enough however, an entrepreneur needs to have vision and be able to impart that vision to others. He also points out that as an entrepreneur your success should spread to others, making money alone isn’t enough, your dream should make the lives of others better also. Lefevre acknowledges there will be difficult times when you feel you are not making any progress. The video ends with him encouraging new entrepreneurs to stick with it, keep moving forward, and act on their great ideas!


If you are an entrepreneur then YOU TOO have a story to tell. There are countless emerging entrepreneurs that need guidance and seasoned entrepreneurs looking for new ideas and they both can learn f rom your experience. You can have your story featured here on Entrpreneur21.net. Don't be suprised if your story inspires somebody to do something great.

Click HERE to find out how to be a featured entrepreneur!

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