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Entrepreneur Attitude – Think Out of the Box

The idea of an entrepreneur is to think out of the box, take risks and step up to major challenges. Successful entrepreneurs possess the ability to think creatively and identify opportunities in their environment. You can be entrepreneurial even if you don't want to be in a business.

Any entrepreneurial manager is charged with the difficult task of turning a business idea into reality, either through starting a new business or injecting new life into an existing one. To help them along each step of the journey from finding the idea in the first place to its planning and implementation, the manager can draw inspiration from the experiences of others who have been on similar journeys before them.

Most of us are wrong in believing that entrepreneurial management is some sort of a mystery. There are numerous books promising to improve the reader's management skills, but the same claims are seldom made about entrepreneurship as it is often considered as a talent or skill that can’t be taught.

Entrepreneurship can be virtually applied to any field or profession. No matter what products or services are available in the market in your area of expertise, there are always opportunities to improve them and to better serve the customers who buy them.

The following key characteristics truly qualify an entrepreneur:
  • Entrepreneurs are driven to succeed, motivated to achieve goals, prepared to overcome obstacles that would likely discourage or stop others.
  • Entrepreneur is a self-starter and go-getter. He will take initiatives to work, rather than waiting for someone to issue instructions. For this he has to constantly think “out of the box” when attempting to meet challenges.
  • Entrepreneur routinely sees opportunities where others see problems. When he encounters roadblocks to his goals, he feels energized rather than feeling defeated. Challenges spur rather than deter.
  • Entrepreneur takes control of his own destiny and bears responsibility for his own actions. The buck truly stops with him when it comes to dealing with the results (positive and negative) of his actions and decisions.
  • Entrepreneur is willing to give up the security blanket of corporate life. He does not mind working without the safety net of a regular paycheck or the benefits and social structure that an established employer provides.
  • Entrepreneur thrives on change. In the entrepreneurial world, change is a given. But rather than fearing it, he welcomes it and enjoys the excitement of the ride.
  • Entrepreneur understands the importance of making a profit. He knows that all of his best intentions and actions are for naught if he is not actually making a profit—that is, bringing in more money by selling a product or service than it cost him to provide it.

Going against the grain.Inverting business models.Doing the impossible. Irrespective of what you do in life, the ability to think outside existing boundaries gives one an edge! It gives one the ability to be able to look at existing problems, and think out of the box in figuring out innovative ways to solve them. It allows one to distill complex concepts into simple drawings. This is a gift that each and every one of us have and yet, we are limited by the number of boundaries we create for ourselves.

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