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Entrepreneur Branding – Brand Yourself| USGEA

Irrespective of whether a person is working for himself or someone else, he/she needs to maintain a strong personal and professional presence online. It is  important to establish this presentation of yourself. It is high time you make use of the World Wide Web and make your presence felt. Branding oneself is a big step. There might be prospective clients who would and will Google your name for details, and they should find what you expect them to find.

It is time to make optimum use of the virtual domain. Spare some time and get ready to brand yourself. Your time spentdoing this will not be in vain. Here are a few good ways in which an individual can brand himself online.

Register your Domain Name
Registering your own domain name will provide an outstanding result. If you happen to have a unique name, there are good chances of the domain name being available. If you have a common name, try going for variations and different versions. Make use of a good domain registrar and search for availabilities. When you are done with the selection, purchasing it for a considerable period of time would be a wise decision. Search engines will sometimes take the registration period into account in factoring how valid an address is.

A blogging platform provides good ground for a quick and inexpensive way to advertise your business. Your observations, views and opinions can be posted on a regular basis. Blogging features enable you to take the fullest advantage of establishing your presence on the web. WordPress and Feedburner are highly recommended once the blog is set and ready for use. A good RSS feed is crucial for indexing, which is easy for search engines to retrieve.  

Pictorial Biography
If professional websites have a poor visual representation of your pictures, a major purpose of branding is defeated. It’s the right time to make an impression with a perfect picture. Hire a professional photographer and let the expert take the best snaps of a well established face with sharp features. With optimum digital clarity of the pictures, your online image will proliferate in no time.

Professional Bio
You deserve a description, a description with the best of adjectives that will provide a paradigm shift. If you want to save the trouble of finding the right words, hiring a copywriter is a praiseworthy decision. The idea is to produce a description that will make you unique. Once the professional bio is done, post it on your website along with some of the best snaps.

Profile on LinkedIn
Complete your LinkedIn profile. Start connecting with your contacts and make new ones. Make sure your LinkedIn profile has a good picture of youf. Seek references from former colleagues, friends and other trustworthy professional contacts. Also, render your references and maintain a quid pro quo. Provide your intellectual input, for you are likely to receive some good input from others as well. Join groups that are related to your professional interests.

Launch Facebook Page
Facebook was previously viewed as a social networking site for teenagers and college-goers. However, that is no longer the perception. A lot of businesses have made use of Facebook to their advantage. Features like fan pages and discussion forums have been beneficial to companies. Create a fan page for your business and actively participate in discussion forums. Online interaction will help you build a rapport with other users and thus will result in good branding.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a good resource. A common misconception about SEO is that it involves high levels of technicality. In reality, SEO can be learned quickly and is easy to implement.You can find enough materials online to teach you pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization. The online tutorials will guide you in using SEO techniques in a favorable manner.  

Of all the networking sites that have created an impact, Twitter is one such website that has created a revolution. Twitter users send and share millions of 'tweets' across the globe. Twitter has become a sort of mainstream media where people are able to gather updates of the globe. Initially, Twitter can prove to be tricky and confusing but all it takes to be an effective user is some time and effort. The networking site can yield amazing results. You will be able to meet your icons and role models in the professional arena. You will also be able to seek answers from multiple sources. The trick is to keep exploring.

Professional Image Consultant
Portraying and branding are two sides of the same coin. Your portrayal of yourself should make a big impact on the people you meet. There is a chance that your body language may not impress others. Your speech patterns need to be in a state of clarity.  So it is good to hire a professional image consultant and make some changes with regard to your physical appearance, behavior and communication skills.

Get Real
Most of the previous points complement the virtual world. However, you need to remember that the virtual world is just a subsidiary of your real world. Provide enough focus on the online components so you have good branding in the real world. You need to mingle with the real world and connect with the physical beings on a larger scale. And that forms the larger part of branding oneself.

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