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Brenda Dronkers is an entrepreneur who has tasted success in more than one business venture. She heads an apparel line called Thriving Ink, which offers uniquely designed t-shirts.

Prior to Thriving Ink, Brenda achieved success by starting an inflatable party place for kids called Pump It Up. She created the business on a meager budget in California, while taking care of three children. She struggled to make her ends meet without a proper college degree or finances. Bearing those struggles, she managed to create 160 franchises of Pump It Up in 38 states, and the business earned more than $55 million in a particular year.

Opening Pump It Up gave Brenda the joy of doing something that her kids loved, and her kids initially helped her with the business. She takes pride in stating that she loved to serve parents and kids and leave them completely satisfied. Franchising the business was a huge step as it involved building a culture that would be demanded by many franchisees in the future. Later, Brenda stepped aside as the founder and let the professionals take care of Pump It Up.

Like a true entrepreneur, Brenda Dronkers was ready for more challenges. When Pump It Up achieved enough demand to create 150 franchises, she decided to move on and do something new. Determined to make the best of her knowledge in art and fashion, she started Thriving Ink. The company brings selected artists from all over the world to create T-shirts with unique designs. Aided by her husband and kids, Brenda has made Thriving Ink an outstanding company in the field of apparel.
The company's website is eye-catching, something Brenda is proud of. She hired a reputed company to optimize the search capabilities for the site. Focus is given to attracting visitors to the website and blog.
Quotes shared by Brenda Dronkers -

"As a woman, you need to be a bit more aggressive than you would sometimes find yourself to be. In order to be taken seriously in some industries, especially male dominated industries, we need to lead with both our heart and our head"

"Never compromise who you are as a mom, wife, friend, neighbor or family member. Remember, family always comes first!!"
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