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Graphic Design Business Entrepreneur Tips

Jen Husted is a successful entrepreneur who started her own graphic design studio in Chicago called JIH Designs. From a freelance graphic designer to an entrepreneur, Jen Husted has faced many challenges in making her dreams work. Her graphic design business had started off baring several barricades.

Creating brands, logos, web graphics, business cards and flyers are some of the aspects that JIH designs emphasizes on. Special care is taken to ensure that all the designs are unique in nature so that they stand out and catch the viewer's attention. The idea is to lure customers using the aids of visual representation; in this case, it is Graphic Designing.

Jen Husted has a huge passion for art and design. Prior to the commencement of JIH Designs, she had been working as a freelance designer, which hardly satisfied her. She found a business partner in Ian, and started her graphic design company. Presently, she has a client database which includes big names. All of her clients have praised her work and demand more from her.

Jen Husted strives hard to maintain a 'green' environment across her line of business. She is a vegan while her business partner is a vegetarian. The company's primary printing vendor utilizes 100% recycled (50% PCW), chlorine free, soy ink, FSC, wind power (credits), & other sustainable practices for their paper sourcing and production methods. Interestingly, even the company's website maintains a green color throughout. She has chosen to work with clients who share her ideals and views in environmental consciousness and sustainability.

JIH Designs faced initial challenges in finding the right bankers, lawyers and accountants. The business operates on two fold functionality - The Creative End &The Business End. Jen Husted predicts a prospective future for the company. She aspires to have a storefront in the Chicago area, with a few of her extremely talented designer counterparts on the payroll. She also wants to expand the 'green' trend on a global scale.

Quotes shared by Jen Husted -

"Don’t be afraid to take risks!!! If you’re confident about yourself and your work then stick with it and stay true to what you really want to do."

"I was stuck in well paying & secure job but I was the unhappiest I’ve ever been. I took a large pay cut to pursue design and start a company. I can honestly say that I have never for a second regretted my decision–and, as a result, I have never been happier in my life."
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