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How to Achieve Authenticity in Workplace And Life

Belfor assist
in property restoration caused by fire, water, and storm damage
. Belfor is
headquartered in Birmingham, Michigan. Belfor is a private company
. Belfor's CEO
Sheldon Yellen was featured in CBS primetime show Undercover Boss. He went
undercover in his own company to learn more about its operation. This show
taught me an important and subtle detail about how to
achieve authenticity
in the workplace and probably in life as
well. Mr. Yellen is a wealthy CEO and goes to work on the front lines at his
property restoration company, where the dirty work is no longer done for him.
Mr. Yellen uses all types of power tools, cleans smoke damage, attempts to hang
a drywall ceiling, pulls a dead rodent out of a wall, and goes underneath a
house in its tiny crawlspace to check for water and insulation damage. Mr.
Yellen struggles, gets emotional, gets frustrated, and snaps at some of the
employees. He just can’t do the tough jobs all of his employees are doing every
day, and faced with his utter failure as a manual laborer, has an epiphany or
two about how to treat them better. He spent a lot of time on the show
reflecting about his past, and his core values, and his current actions and
beliefs. Mr. Yellen recognized that his actions weren’t lined up with his core value.
He was making decisions like instituting a wage freeze to help keep people
employed, but without the personal contact and without the employees being
involved in these decisions. No one could see that the effort was in place to
prevent layoffs. The process of introspection and reflection for achieving
authenticity is very critical. Aligning one’s behavior with core values is
essential to living a fulfilling and meaningful life. There are continual
temptations to stray from them. Mr.
reveals himself to one employee he's working in the trenches with, promising to
get her the long-overdue raise that didn't come with her promotion.

Mr. Yellen grew up in a
very poor family, with the same financial problems that are faced by millions
of other Americans. The emotions of CEO Yellen came through perfectly on
television, especially when it turned out that some of the decisions he has
made as Belfor's leader - ended up hurting employees rather than helping them.

Yellen poses himself as Tom Kelly and experiences frustration and anger at his
shortcomings — particularly his attempt at struggling to hang drywall. While
attempting to drive enough nails in it to secure it so you can finish the
nailing without bearing that load of drywall. Mr. Yellen was furious. Later, he
admits that hanging drywall is much harder than he ever imagined. This day in
the life of Sheldon Yellen was one of the worst he’d ever experienced –he had
failed at every single task he was given. He was near tears when he admitted
later “I’m not used to failing” and “I’m probably just not as good as I’ve been
told by everybody else in my business life.” Brenda was unable to pass the
Watertech exams because she couldn’t read the instructions, although she knows
the job and how to do it. Jen can’t make all her bill payments and who was
promoted a year ago to be a Watertech, but never given a pay raise. Upon the
Mr. Yellen’s return to the company’s headquarter, several positive actions take
place at the direction of a CEO who has been given new insight about his
company’s practices and the dedication of many of its key employees. Yellen had
made a conscious decision to freeze wages in order to refrain from layoffs, and
to retain all of its employees. There were employees who’d received promotions
and expanded duties without any additional compensation. They were hurting
financially, and struggling to pay their bills. Employees have made a personal
commitment to the team, their managers, and the organization. They look forward
to coming to work each day. They are fun to be around and they help generate a
creative and cooperative mindset for their team. Because of this, they exert a
powerful effect on the productivity and bottom-line of an organization.
Clearly, this is a win-win situation, but how is it accomplished? It does not
just happen by itself.

is an efficient and knowledgeable worker.

He used to run
own business, but after running into some major financial difficulties, now
works not only for Belfor, but hustles various jobs on the side. Joe was not
able to focus on Belfor job because he hustles various jobs. He was doing
multiple jobs because of financial difficulties. Drew went to school for MBA
but he was doing job of carpenter. He had huge debt because of financial
difficulties. Brenda was robbed of her education, and her lack of reading and
writing skills hurt her ability to test for water tech certification. Jen’s
recent promotion to water tech was supposed to come with a raise, the salary
freeze he put in place has prevented her from receiving it.

makes it clear to his executive board that employees should be offered more
opportunities for overtime pay and commissioned earnings, however it is unclear
whether anything actually comes of this. We’ll give him the benefit of the
doubt this time. On a smaller note, he did complain about his foggy glasses
several times. Perhaps an investment in a high quality safety goggle is in
order? Oddly, the main issue present in this segment had more to do with
Sheldon’s reaction to his own failure than the actual position. A CEO should
remain cool and confident in the most trying of circumstances. Sheldon
complained and gave up. These are not ideal personality traits for the leader
of corporation. While Sheldon was more than generous to Brenda, he should have
considered a scholarship or education program that would benefit the entire
workforce. Sheldon is more than generous to Jen, but neglects the rest of the
workforce. The salary freeze did not only affect her, but rather the entire
workforce. Sheldon does ask his executive team to investigate a way to lift the
salary freeze, but they do not return a definitive answer. Instead of imposing
a salary freeze on the people barely making enough to keep the lights on,
perhaps try simply forgoing some of your personal luxuries like personal jet.
If you ask your employees to make a personal sacrifice, you should do the same
as well. Multiple town hall meetings a year should be help, in an effort to get
to know and understand work force and communicate important message to

It is very important for corporate to be
connected with employees. Employees should know important corporate strategies
and decision so that they are aligned and understand issues and decisions.
Employees should be consulted for certain decisions.
Yellen had made a conscious decision
to freeze wages in order to refrain from layoffs, and to retain all of its
employees. Who can argue with that? Yet, because of that decision, there were
employees who’d received promotions and expanded duties without any additional
compensation. They were hurting financially, and struggling to pay their bills.
Employees should get job responsibilities as per their experience, education
and knowledge. Mr. Yellen should think about all employees not about some
employees. He gave promotion and special bonus to 4 employees only what’s about
others. Others may be struggling same way as these were struggling. Corporate
executives should also sacrifice if they expect same from lower wage employees.
If they do not use personal plane then many lower wage employees can get

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