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How to brand and market your new product?


Learning objectives:

to terms whether you believe in your product.

a clear understanding of what branding means.

marketing purposes when advertising.

new methods in how to brand and market your new product.

The truest thing you should come to terms with in branding and marketing
your business is having the belief that what your business offers has clear
intentions to your customers.
Too often,
potential clients will see through you if your intentions are not honest.
To avoid this situation, take a look at your
product, business model and company mission statement to really define their
truest intention.
Should you agree with
their overall objective, then the belief of the product or service will be
easier to absorb.

trial and error,
attempts to brand and market my photography business was both a tremendous learning
experience and provide me with valuable lessons.
In hopes that other entrepreneurs will learn
through my mistakes, I provided a simple “how to” video and open some
discussion to get others started with their own business.
The American Marketing
Association (AMA) defines a brand as a "name, term, sign, symbol or
design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of
one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers
This is easier said than done although the efforts you may make to brand
yourself would be considered marketing.

In the same reference, branding and marketing may delivers your service
or message clearly, confirms credibility and motivates buyers.
The marketing purposes should be towards a
specific audience.
For example, a couple
of years ago I placed an ad with a local advertising magazine that went into
circulation through over 100,000 stores in the tri-county area.
I didn’t receive any leads or inquiry and
spent $500 with no return.
Instead, I invest
my budgeted marketing funds to join a local wedding group that organizes bridal
With the same cost, I was able to
set up a vendor booth, meet more potential clients and book weddings either on
the spot or later that week through a consultation appointment.
This was very exciting as we had banners that
had our logo and business cards and flyers with the same logo.
In terms of branding, this created a buzz and
started some familiarity with our name, the service we offer and validity.
Within the same token, I also marketed with
our local
www.craigslist.org and there
was no success in that, as our intended clientele base did not utilize the
website enough to acknowledge our product and services.

As time and efforts progress, your brand with become familiar with your
intended audience.
Remember to first
identify who or what group you are targeting.

It may be that you are choosing to market to different or multiple
groups in which specific strategies are needed.

Case in point, in addition to wedding photography, R&R Photography
also services high school senior portraits.

Our outlook is more with servicing our local community with affordable,
high quality products.
In addition, the
long end is to create a clientele later in time as many of these parents and
high school grads may be involved in a wedding within the next 5 years.
With that we kill 2 birds with 1 stone. First, we brand our services to a younger
demographic and with their parents and second, we invest in possible future
customer referrals.
In ends to be a
win-win situation as that our brand of R&R Photography transcends through
many people and our services will be remembered and valued.

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