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How to Improve Employee Morale

to Improve Employee Morale

Latanya Wright


This video will provide five tips for improving
employee morale. The actions of managers
and other employees can be detrimental in the workplace. Sometimes people do not know that they are
causing a negative environment and therefore lowering the morale. That is why it is important to understand
what one can do to improve employee morale.
The end result is an improvement in overall efficiency.


Following my discussion, you will be able to:

identify factors influencing low morale

implement ways to improve morale


Before improving anything, especially employee
morale, one must first understand why something exists. Many factors contribute to a reduction in
employee morale. According to Javitch
(2005), some of those factors are “a negative event, such as a firing; a
promotion of an employee when others are overlooked…arguments between staff
and/or management…lack of the company’s financial health; too much or too heavy
of a workload; unappreciated or underappreciated work; working conditions;
supervision that’s too rigid, demanding, direct or involved in the work process;
or supervision that’s not supportive or strong enough, and doesn’t provide
needed guidance or input”. If you have
done at least one of the contributing factors or know someone that has, you and/or
the other person may have caused the morale issues that your organization is
currently experiencing. This is
something that needs to be corrected before it leads to other issues such as
deterioration in quality, decrease in output, absenteeism, animosity, and your
valuable employees seeking employment somewhere else.

People tend to think that money will improve
morale. For some people it may, but not
for everyone. Money pays the bills and
other pleasures, but it will not bring true happiness. Someone could be the richest person on earth
and still be longing for something that is missing from their lives. So throw away the idea of using money as a
way to increase morale and start thinking of other ways to improve morale.

The video below describe five ways to improve your employee morale:


The following five tips will help you to improve
your workplace morale:

1. Acknowledge
Your Employees or Co-Workers
– The very first time you see your employee or
your co-worker for the day, you should acknowledge their presence i.e. Good
Morning, Mary. The worst thing you can
do is to walk by them and not say anything at all. We tend to speak to people when things are
wrong or when we need something from them.
It will not hurt you to acknowledge others presence. You do not have to speak to them every time
you see them – just the first time that you see them.

2. Get to Know Your Employees or
– You do not need to know your employee’s or your
co-worker’s life history; however, try to find out what is important to them
and on occasion, ask them about it. They
will be happy to share with you what’s going on in their lives. By asking it shows you care. You never know, that day when you ask them
about something, they may just need you to listen to what they have to say.

3. Communicate With Your Employees
Have regular meetings with your employees to inform them of what’s going on and
be honest. Your employees must be able
to trust you and you can lose that trust by not being truthful. Communication can help eliminate rumors from

4. Recognize Your Employees
Many people aim to do a good job and want to be recognized or appreciated for
what they do. Again, one does not have
to give gift cards or other monetary items.
It is as simple as saying “Thank You”.
Did it hurt you to say that? Did
it cost anything to say that? No, is the
answer for both questions.

5. Seek Improvement Advice From Your
– You do not have to solve all issues by
yourself. You will be amazed with the
ideas from your employees that could potentially solve the opportunity
presented to them. You can also seek
their advice for improving morale.

If you’re challenged with low employee morale, start
utilizing the five tips above and start reaping the benefits.


Improving employee morale is crucial for any
organization. Action is needed to
increase employee morale. Sitting idle
and not doing anything will only make the situation worse. You could possibly have to deal with
deterioration in quality, decrease in output, absenteeism, animosity, and your
valuable employees seeking employment somewhere else. It is strongly encouraged to utilize the five
tips in an effort to improve your employee morale.


Javitch, D. (2005).
Improving Employee Morale.
Retrieved from

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