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How to Increase Sales for a Small Business

Video Course


Johnnie Martin

MGT 616-Organizational Change and Development
in Management System

Professor: Dr. Kenneth Phillips

June 03, 2011

How to Increase Sales for a Small Business

whether personal, interpersonal or group has one denominator; it takes the form
of verbal, non-verbal, visual, audio or audio-visual. According to Cutlip
(2006), one of the most powerful forms of communication is audio-visual. The
audience has the virtue of using sight to garner messages on top of listening to
what is communicated. This is why television garners the highest number of a captive
audience, especially during peak hours (prime time-between 7pm-11pm). The
number of small-scale businesses is larger, than that of large-scale businesses.
For example, in many cities and towns, it is common for one to come across a
small-scale business on the next corner, unlike a large-scale business.
Therefore, such kinds of businesses should take advantage of audio-visual use.


The video will
demonstrate how information technology revolutionizes a business and gears it towards
making a profit. After watching the video, the viewer will be convinced on how
information technology, can do wonders. For example, the use of e-commerce techniques
to come up with an e-shop where customers can be making purchases online. He or
she will also be able to see the results of coming up with a website that can
act as a marketing and publicity platform. For instance, we can get shots of
convinced customers; to give testimony concerning the business products.
Through this, the customer will be convinced to embrace such tactics after a
watch of the video, and clearly be able to make out the outstanding characteristics
of a business in terms of profit, loss and expenses among other perspectives of
a business.

Discussion of the video

I have chosen a
video from you tube about customer service training-Nintendo Training (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYjgHLFZMa0).
This video gives tips to business people on how to handle customers in the best
way. An introduction of a video is very important. This is the part that decides
whether the viewer will continue viewing the video or not. Therefore, in order to
catch the attention of the viewer and make the audience captive, the
introduction should be very catchy at every bit. This video has a good
introduction with an animation at the start which creates curiosity of what the
video entails. An announcer then appears with catchy words on what to expect in
the whole presentation. The quality also matters, visuals that are not clear or
the ones that are grainy irritate the audience. Videos must be clear, with good
quality sound for driving the message home. In addition to that, the use of
graphics is also important to attract the audience. Hence, they must be of high
quality. This video has employed the use of graphics that are of good quality for
a good catch.

Summary of the training video

This video gave
the audience tips of improving sales and takes a small-scale business to the
next level. Use of technology in business specifically focuses on areas such as
e-marketing and e-shop like the use of a website, and has been tackled well in
this presentation. Incorporating real issues like where there are testimonies
of satisfied customers on a business products and services, acts as a selling
point for convincing clients. In addition to that, the video gives tips on how
you can reduce expenses and utilize all the opportunities to maximize profit.


Cummings, T. & Worley, C. (2005). “Organization
Development & Change
8th Edition”. Thomson

C, (2009), “Communication Gap”. Publish America.

of America (producer), (1991), Customer Service Training. Nintendo

Center. Retrieved from:

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