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How to travel the world, in first class, almost free!

How to travel the world, in first class, almost free!

This video is a documentary that will demonstrate what many
people, who self describe themselves to be “mileage runners” do to earn free
travel and elite airline status which includes complementary upgrades to
business and first class.

Even if you not interested in doing mileage runs, or taking
trips on for the purpose of racking up those miles, this video will give you
some great ideas on how to maximize your traveling power.   Millions of airline miles go unused and many
people haven’t even signed up for a frequent flyer mileage program.  What a waste; since practically all mileage
programs are absolutely free, and if you’re going to travel, even if just a
little, by learning how to maximize your mileage acclimation, you can easily  earn awards such as free trips and status
which includes free upgrades, priority boarding, first off luggage, for doing little
more then learning this system.

The video features experts who are obsessed with free travel
and the first class lifestyle.  They are
the true geniuses on how to make the system work for them.  But small time folks like us can still gain valuable
insight and rewards just for doing a little. 
By making sure every flight we do take is credited, by making sure we
use credit card reward programs, staying at hotels that offer mileage, and shop
at locations (both online and offline) on where we buy our everyday purchases;
by making small adjustments to the things we already do everyday, we can very
very easily earn a free ticket anywhere in the US or even abroad for those a
little ambitions.

When buying anything – always ask – will I earn any
miles?  If you have a credit card – ask,
does this have a bonus miles or miles per dollar?  Staying at a hotel – how do you sign up and
get credit for the ‘hotels’ program (most offer miles as well as their own
upgrade / free night program – sometimes letting you double dip with both hotel
and airline miles)

After watching this video, you should be able to:


  • Learn
    how to accumulate airline miles;
  • Learn
    about the different airline allowances and partnerships
  • Learn
    about elite status
  • Learn
    about mileage runs
  • Learn
    to use hotels loyalty programs for airline miles
  • Shopping;
    both online and offline almost always produces miles (you have to ASK)
  • Learn
    to be organized in acquiring your miles


Please now visit the documentary at



In Summary – airline miles rewards offer an excellent free
way to travel the world for free  and/or
earn status upgrades that includes all kinds of awards and incentives.  Even if you are not a individual who travels
often, when you do travel, along with offline rewards, you can easily earn at
least one domestic ticket in the US.

One great too to use is http://www.awardwallet.com
and the the discussion group dedicated to airline mileage programs http://www.flyertalk.com .


See you in first class! 






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