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How to Use Strategic Management in Decision Making

management is the combination of science and arts which improves an organization’s
chances of success. It involves detailed planning of all the arenas of the
organization that can help to achieve its goals and objectives.

            Strategic management includes the strategic planning,
implementation and control of an organization decisions.  Most modern organizations perform strategic
management to ensure that they are at a desired level of performance.


            The main objective of implementing strategic management in
decision making in an organization is to improve on the ways the employees perform
their duties and to get to a profitable standing for the organization as a
whole.Strategic decision making in an organizations occurs at two different
levels, this includes the individual level and group level. The successful implementation
of strategies devised by the organization requires involvement of everyone in
the whole strategic management process. Strategic management helps sustain an
organization and allows it to stay afloat in a market in-spite of the growing

            Decision making is at the core of all managerial
functions and the future of any organization lies on the vital decisions made.
However, there are certain critical issues coupled with factors such as
uncertainties, multiple objectives, interactive complexity, and anxiety make
the decision making process very much difficult. At times when making a
decision is too complex or there are too many interests at stake, then we
realize the need for strategic decision making. All complex decisions must be
made strategically. In order to be able to make strategic decisions, one
requires adopting a structured approach by using an effective, efficient, and
systematic decision making process.  Strategic decisions will have
multiple options, to be tested against multiple criteria. The best option is to
make strategic decisions based on facts after considering all possible factors.

Discussion of the video

            I have chosen a video from YouTube about how to use
strategic decision making in organizations. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuxSFgEKJxU)

            The video will discuss decision making as the core of all
the managerial functions in any organization. Seeing that the management
decisions affect the sustainability of the organization, both now and in the future, strategic decision making is very important.

Summary of the training video

video gave the audience tips on how to implement strategic management in an
organizations decision making process so as to cater for every employee without
making some of them feel left out. Also helps the management know how to make
decisions that accommodate every member of the organization because at that
point they feel like they were considered when the decision was being made.


Retrieved from: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuxSFgEKJxU>

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