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Ideas for Closing Sales Deals

Many entrepreneurs mistakenly think that making the sale has to do with using the consultative selling approach, special listening skills, likeability or any number of popular questioning or closing programs. Sure, they’re all important aspects of selling. But the most important of them all the one factor that guarantees your sales success more than any other and the one method top producers have in common is a sense of urgency.

For many in business, their biggest marketing challenge is not finding potential customers but "closing" the sale. Urgency is what gets top sellers up in the morning and keeps them fired up all day. Their attitude is, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me, and I determine my own success or failure.” It’s about putting your ideas and strategies in motion.

There are ways to make you a better deal closer.

Following are the ideas for closing sales deals:

Create a sense of urgency
Sometimes the person on the other end of the deal will be happy to close it when they can get around to it. Time may be more important to you. So if necessary, you want to create a sense of urgency to get their commitment, and that may require some final concessions to refocus their attention. This may involve offering a 2% greater discount, or offering a two-year service agreement instead of one-year coverage.

Use the threat of competition
In order to get the other side to close, sometimes an entrepreneur will have to get them to understand that if they don’t do the deal with you, you’ll do the deal with someone else. Sometimes this involves bluffing, sometimes enhancing the appeal of what you’re offering. But if you can convince the target of your deal making that you are doing something that is going to become powerful, everybody wants a piece of that.

Generate “breaking news”
Throughout the relationship-building and negotiating process and beyond, be funneling helpful new information to the other party. This might be a press release about a new product, a copy of a story about your business that you have managed to land in the local newspaper, the result of a new independent test of your service, or that one last testimonial from an existing customer that you’re keeping in your back pocket.

Be prepared to not close
The reality is that most deals don’t close, if you measure by the number of potential relationships and transactions that your company pursues. Something happens. There isn’t a fit. The timing isn’t right. You must disdain losing any deal and fight hard to land every last one. But you also need to be sober about the percentages.Top sellers don’t waste time when there’s no opportunity. They are so intensely focused on each of their accounts that they know exactly what each customer wants and what it will take to help them grow their business. When they don’t see the benefit to that customer, they move on and eliminate wasted energy for both sides. But when there is real opportunity, they’re relentless.

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