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iGlobal Angel Fund

The iGLOBAL group was formed in 1995, by a team comprising of emerging technopreneurs and business evangelists with a vision to take Information Technology anywhere, anyplace. We have global operations with direct presence in the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and primarily in many parts of India acting as an Off-shore Development Centers. We consolidated our operations during 1999 – 2000, by centralizing our global investments under one roof, in Singapore.

We have been focusing on three major areas since 1995:

  • IT Solutions and Services
  • Education & Training Services
  • Information Systems and Business Services

Our IT Solutions and Services cover the following areas:

  • Turnkey IT projects & Custom Software Development
  • Embedded Systems & Technology
  • Engineering Solutions
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Networking & System Integration
  • Quality Assurance, Testing, and IT Consulting

Our Education and Training Services cover the following areas:

  • E-Learning & Knowledge Management
  • Corporate Education – IT & Management
  • University Education & Higher Learning

Our Information Systems and Business Services cover the following areas:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning and Management
  • E-Governance solutions and Infrastructure Planning
  • Managed IT services

Our group firms have been receiving strategic funding from Angels and Venture Capitalists worldwide. Most of these funding partners have become much more than financial strategists by arming our firms with excellent personnel and allowing us to leverage off their extensive network, to give us the head start we needed to stay ahead.
We are proud to be associated with start-up venture capitalists that later became our financial strategist, headhunter, investment banker, and corporate therapist, who provide support and confidence to a fledgling team. As board members, they have been active, and have the energy, experience and contacts to help us to move to the next stage and beyond.

Why choose iGLOBAL as your strategic partner?

Innovation in business modeling – The iGLOBAL group leverages on a Corporate Structure to build a platform for sustained future success. The Advisory board of our group determines the priority sectors and activities pertaining to all investments made. We work upon the Best Practices because we believe that success is tightly bound to the ability to adopt and exploit practices that drive continuous improvement. We have the repertoire to bring in qualified & eminent businessmen and professionals on board.
Exposure to emerging trends – We have been updating ourselves with the emerging trends in technology and business development, with a vision to deliver products and services with cross-functional, business-processes integration.
Go Global with iGLOBAL Inc – We have formulated a globalization strategy that will help us to determine whether a company is ready for global reach or not. We have tie-ups with local government bodies and NGOs in almost all countries in Asia Pacific and North America. This helps us to adapt a business model for localization in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, China, India, USA and Canada.
Business Development and Marketing Strategies – The iGLOBAL group believes that integration of various marketing strategies will result in business development returns. We bring out long-term planning for market entry because we possess both Market knowledge and Marketing knowledge.
Structuring a Global Business Plan – Our up to date Global Business Plan serves as a roadmap to the future, allowing secure financing at every stage. It explores all issues related to secure investments and transforms commitments to actions.
Intellectual Capital protection and valuation – We have realized that Intellectual Capital defines competitive success and they are the assets that differentiate effectively deployed capital from mere commodities. We give due importance to registration of Intellectual Property, the laws of which are getting more complex and constantly changing. Intellectual property enhances the value of the underlying technological or business assets, and we at iGLOBAL can determine the entire market value for our assets.
Incubation and Startup Funding – We provide incubation to nurture young firms, by helping them to survive and grow during the startup period. We provide them with hands-on management assistance, access to financing, exposure to critical business or technical support services, shared office services, and access to equipment. We also provide startup funding to young firms to foster a concept, develop the initial product or service, and carry out the associated marketing.
Venture Capital access at all stages – We have contacts with world’s leading Venture Capitalists, so that we can move ahead with a roadmap for development at all stages. Whether it is early stage or later stage funding, our investors have experienced a distinct competitive advantage through funding with us, by realizing our very large market potential and a sustainable and scalable business model.

We welcome Venture Capitalists to invest in our projects in:

  • Information Technology
  • ITES [BPO]
  • Higher Education and Learning
  • Any Emerging Technology

We are sure we can attract investments because:

  • Our Entrepreneurs are extraordinary individuals possessing unusual intelligence, energy, vision and drive
  • Our Portfolio companies have developed complete teams and mature business plans that position us for growth and future financing and eventual liquidity
Are you an INVESTOR looking for new opportunities??

Entrepreneur21.net is a place where new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike come to share ideas. They also come to learn about current topics and trends in business. An entrepreneur can always use additional capital to help his/her business grow. This is were Investors come in. Investors are always in search for that next google or groupon to invest in. Entreprenuer21 brings these two together to help foster those new relationships.

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