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Immigration Issues for Entrepreneurs

The utilization of an international field to maximize the success potential of a start-up business seems like a very attractive option for a new entrepreneur. However the actual process of getting the approval from U.S. immigrations to allow foreign nationals to train, work or stay in the United States presents a significant problem in itself. True understanding of the process and significant understanding of the steps involved in order to be able to get the approval of these types of visas, is essential for being able to go through the process and utilize international workers.
There are several different immigration visas that exist and that can allow businesses to incorporate international talent or to train potential business partners in areas of the international expansion. Understanding which visa is used to facilitate each desired results is the key to success.
There are two primary visas utilized by businesses to facilitate international expansion through incorporation the international talent. The first visa is the H-1B, one commonly referred to as the business Visa. This Visa allows for an non American to work for the United States Company in the United States for the period of time. This Visa is useful for incorporating international talents of the technical basis and is not readily available in the United States. The second that will be discussed is the H-3B, which is commonly referred to as the training visa. This visa allows for non Americans to come to the United States for training but are not allowed to work for the U.S. Company in significant amounts of productive employment.
Navigating not only between the different types of Visas, but the very process is involved in getting these Visas approved is not only time consuming, that sometimes very costly. However the rewards of being able to utilize world talent to create successful business opportunity's can sometimes make the effort worth the cost.
How do we which Visa to apply for? How do we know what the process is for approval? In order to stay in the US and maximize a learned skill or to bring over talent from a foreign country a few key points must be addressed.
Following my discussion, you will:
- Basic Business Immigration Concepts
- Have the knowledge and resources to select a proper Business Visa method
- Be aware of the various Business Visa options
- Be aware Green Card Sponsorship
- Be aware of proposed Legislation to help Entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The video discusses multiple classifications of Business Visa – the “multiple” intent Visa immigrant and non-immigrant (H-1B)
Understanding the “multiple” intent Visa are:
1. Classified as a non-immigrant whose purpose is to come to the US and become an immigrant.
2. Can be obtained through the H-1B or a L1
3. The ultimate goal of this path way is to obtain Lawful Permanent Resident
NOTE: Generally these two classifications were completely separate and in order to obtain a non-immigrant status you had to prove intent to return home.

The different types of Visa can be utilized to obtain non-immigration status and can allow a foreign business person to come to the United States to create a Start-up or for a Start-up to be able to hire foreign talent to maximize the success of a new company. It is difficult to get without a extensive amount of documentation. There are a tremendous amount of understanding in the process that company must follow in order to be able to get status approval. There are some new legislation attempts to make this a simpler process but as it stands there is requirements by the company and the non-immigrant in-order to obtain these Visas. The H-1B is the most common business visa and yields some significant benefits, such as portability for the employee. Utilizing this an Immigrant status to obtain high level professionals can result in very effective start-up business opportunities and should be looked at by business professionals as a possible solution to staffing problems.

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