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Importance of Creating a Logo

A logo is the visual representation of your company. The logo will bring out the company's identity and create a bridge between the business and the public. People will identify the logo with your company. In other words, it is everything that your company stands for.

With a serious thought on creativity, a logo can take the company beyond borders. The more appealing a logo is, more is the reputation the business gets.

Logos are of three types -

  • Font-based
  • Illustrative
  • Abstract

How to Create a Logo

Before getting started on sketching out a logo, take time to think about the nature of your business. People should know the line of business from a glance at the logo. Companies often try to symbolize their logos. For instance, a building contractor's business can have a brick as its logo. The logo should explain the function of the business.

Take a look at the competitors and determine how different your logo should be. The logo should be outstanding and visible. It should communicate with the public and convey the right kind of message to them. Based on the nature of your business and the target audience, the logo should be designed accordingly
Keep it simple and precise. The logo should be easy to produce on a piece of paper and on a business card too. Too much of complications on the logo will not appeal to the customer. Simple logos are more memorable and easy to recognize.

Never be tempted to copy designs. Original designs make a professional and creative statement among the competitors and the public. If there is a need to redesign the logo, you have to be more cautious as the current logo is already established. Choose a logo that will make the same statement as the old one did, just with a few modifications. Set a logo that will stay for 2 or 3 decades, or perhaps longer. The mark of an effective design is its longevity.

Choosing a logo might be your task but the part involving the designing calls for an expert - The Designer. Creating a logo by yourself might cut your costs but it is not advisable. Let the experts do the job for you. A far-famed designing firm might charge a high fee. However, it is important to note that there are various freelance designers who can do a better job for a lesser fee. If a designer presents a good logo with a high fee, do not miss the opportunity. It has been mentioned that a good logo will last more than a decade. Considering the longevity of the logo, the fee is a one-time payment only.

As soon as the logo is chosen, do not forget to trademark it. It is in your hands to protect the logo from being replicated and used by other companies. Once you have legal rights on the logo, use it extensively. Business cards, meetings, presentations, brochures, websites etc… are few of the places where the logo must make a strong mark and catch the public eye.

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