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Important Details about Creating a Business Card

A business card carries the professional image of your company to the clients. It includes all the details that a client might want to know in a quick glance. A business card is like the attire you wear. It creates a professional atmosphere around it. The business will define the first impression of a client about your company.

Choosing a business card needs an analysis of what your business does. The card should be appropriate and apt. It should cater to the function of the business and the industry. When you need to create a design, start with a format that will help and elevate the business image.

Here are some of the important details that needs to be included in the business card -

Your Name
Company's Name
Company's Address
Phone Number

Here is few types of cards to help you get started -

Basic Format
The common type of business card is white or cream in color. The font color is black. Though it is a two color scheme and monotonous, it is preferred by the professionals to a large extent. The design is usually simple and the facts are concise.

Cards with Illustrations
Certain business cards have graphic illustrations or even have the owner's photo in it. The images represented in the cards will be memorable to the clients. With a streak of a colorful background, the card might help in first impressions.

Non-Standard Cards
Cards can be tactile in nature too. Using unconventional materials like metals or wood, the card can be shaped in an unusual manner. These cards are expensive. Nevertheless, there are businesses which find it appealing to strike an opportunity with this type of cards.

Cards with Multi-Purpose
A business card can also serve as an appointment reminder or a meeting fixer. It can provide extra information to the client in the form of maps, new products and services, new activities or events etc.

Once the type of card is set, you can go ahead with creating them. However, there are a few parameters to be complied before you can have a business card.

Color is an important specification. There are basic set standard colors available in catalogs. However, if you want to be creative, you can choose any shade that is appropriate to the business.
Quantity is another specification. It is better to print a large number of cards. Once your business starts getting more clients, the cards will come in handy.


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