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InfoERP – the “fully packaged ERP solution”


The InfoERP Factor offers help in financial ERP for companies that face competitive pressure in the market. The Youtube video presentation is aimed at addressing specific needs of a company that is rapidly growing in the distribution business. InfoERP offers more than standard ERP software – it offers a complete package that is essential to outperform the demands of the market. ERP has made easy for many companies today in managing the logistics and operations. InfoERP does just that by providing robust and efficient supply chain solution that is also designed to help distributors across all industries – not just tailored to one. Some of important objectives which having an ERP system is that - it helps in managing critical assets maximize profitability; enhance customer service, and increasing productivity. In this case, InfoERP is considered to be an ideal enterprise solution for companies that are involved in the distribution of goods and services that are eager to keep virtually all of their focus on core business processes.

Advantage point

More importantly, the system is highly configurable and has industry-specific functionality - meaning the software can be updated and modified the specific company needs and objectives which can help to streamline a wide range of processes including buying, stocking, selling, and servicing customers. These features can eventually help the maximization of resources company-wide.


The InfoERP factor’s demo provides a in-depth view of the ERP interface- it comes to our attention that this tool provides all the necessary tools to managing supply and distribution management such as sales order, inventory control, purchase orders, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, sales analysis, system management etc. All these features help a company to manage all the aspects of sales and distribution management at a centralized place without compromising the output. The major components are – First, Supply Chain Management which can enhance the selling, sourcing, and delivery of goods to customers; Second, Financial Management that provides  seamless integration from operational areas to accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger modules. And finally, the Enterprise Performance Management, that helps in analyzing the key aspects of operations and share important business information across the business enterprise.

The InfoERP Solution (You Tube)

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