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Its Never Too Late to Start a Business

The founder and President of the Miller Paper Company, Barbara Miller, is no ordinary entrepreneur. She has proved that it is never too late to become an entrepreneur. Barbara Miller started a paper distribution company and turned it into a multi-million dollar business over a short period of time. Even facing health issues and other setbacks, Barbara Miller has managed to achieve success.

Barbara spent over three decades as an employee in the paper industry working for various corporations. After a crisis situation, she was shown the way out the door of the company for whom she worked. With fruitful support from former colleagues, Barbara Miller opened her own paper distribution company.

Despite being a grandmother of four, Barbara did not let her age become a hindrance. The Miller Paper Company commenced business with seed capital of $300,000. The company generated $3 million in sales in the first year. Since then, the performance of the company has been spectacular.

Five months after the start of the company, Barbara Miller was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This health issue did not stand in the way of her success with the company though. Luckily, the cancer was caught at an early stage, and  she had a bone marrow transplant in 1997. Barbara Miller credits the company's success to her employees. Even at the time of her health crisis, she had a strong vision and demonstrated qualities of true leadership.

The company is located in a 50,000 square foot warehouse and caters to every industry. Supplies like towels, cups, tissues, etc., are carried out to service the orders placed. The company is focused on expansion and has 15 salesmen who acquire more business through aggressive marketing strategies. The company promises to achieve growth and power. Post treatment of cancer, Barbara has been actively involved in community activities.

For her business excellence and community involvement, Barbara Miller has received a number of awards. In 1997, her company was named one of the country's fastest growing businesses by Dun and Bradstreet.  She received the Sam Walton Business Leader Award in 1998.

From the start of the company, Barbara Miller has focused on growth and expansion by increasing the sales sector or launching new products. She achieved a breakthrough by using a website, through which customers are allowed to order online. A woman with undying passion for entrepreneurship, Barbara Miller has shown what amazing feats one can achieve through sheer dedication.

Quotes shared by Barbara Miller -

"The secret is to have good people who know what to do and let them work"

"Find a niche that puts your customers’ needs first and take care of their needs. Integrity and treating people just exactly as you would like to be treated"

"You take good people and just pat 'em on the back and let 'em know you'll support them, and turn them loose and it’s amazing what they can do"

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