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Josh Harraway – Actor

If Josh Harraway looks familiar to you, it might be because he brings back the well-known rapper Tupac Shakur through his acting and impersonation performances. He does videos, re-enactments and full-on concert productions across America and overseas.

Having begun his work with a production company that created videos – then optimized their Google search results – Harraway found that he was often compared to the late, great rapper Tupac Shakur. Listening to these comments, he put together a video where he was lip-synching to one of Shakur’s famous tracks. “From there,” he says, “people started hiring me to do shows and so forth,” and so he took on the challenge of learning the rap icon’s routines.

“Everything I do, I do with respect.”

Although Harraway appears out of character, there is a biopic of Tupac currently being made by Morgan Creek, a production company for whom Harraway has just auditioned. Through his work as an impersonator, Harraway is learning more about his subject’s mannerisms and movements, as well as his mental philosophy. One of his most valuable resources is the ability to talk to people who knew Tupac during the rapper’s life, and he is clearly taking advantage of the opportunities he receives to communicate with them.

Harraway credits his respect for Tupac’s memory for helping him maintain a friendly bond with the late star’s family. He hopes to continue his path into the future “indefinitely.” In terms of what makes him successful, he calls himself “the Black Benjamin Franklin” – he looks up to the Founding Father and renaissance man – drawing out an aspect of one of America’s original heros as a true investigator of all aspects of life – from the most scientific subjects to those far more mundane. He thinks of himself as someone who can have ideas that go anywhere – clearly, he’s on his way.


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