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Key Presentation Techniques – Achieve Greater Impact in Front of Your Audience!


Presentations. Almost everyone in the business world has to give them. Some people only give them in front of their boss, others in front of hundreds of colleagues, some of us in front of important clients. Before
they become professionals, students have to present research and project work to teachers and fellow students. But no matter how big or important the audience is: do we like to give presentations? Do we feel confident to give them? Do we get across our message to the audience every time?

Probably, for most of us the answer is: NO.

But how can we feel better about presentations, feel more confident?
How can we make a point and deliver a message that people won’t forget, as soon as they walk out of the room after the presentation?


Following my discussion you will learn how to:

  • Be more confident about presenting.
  • Project confidence to your audience.
  • Make your audience listen to what you are saying.
  • Connect with the audience.
  • Make memorable points in your presentation.
  • Deliver a clear message.


The video discusses three key presentation techniques that a speaker should consider.

VIDEO Key Presentation Techniques


These are the three techniques presented:

Key presentation technique 1 - Body language.

Project confidence with a neutral, firm stance.

  • DO NOT fold your arms in front of your chest!
  • DO NOT scratch your head!
  • DO NOT put your hands in your pockets!
  • DO NOT fidget!
  • DO have your weight balanced, your arms by your side, and just talk. The gestures will come, but they won’t be distractions anymore.

Key presentation technique 2 – Content.

Tell a story and make a point.

  • Audiences are more likely to remember a good story than pure facts.
  • Link the point that you want to make to an interesting story.
  • You can find the best stories in the archive of your personal experiences.

Key presentation technique 3 – Clarity.

Get crystal clear on what your presentation is about.

  • Try to summarize your presentation or speech in one minute.
  • Summarize the summary in 30 seconds.
  • Clarify and summarize the message of your presentation in 15 seconds.
  • You can make a great impact with clarity.

Other success factors for your presentation

This video only discusses three key presentation techniques. But presentation skills are just as important for the success of your presentation as these techniques. They will help you making an impact on your audience. Three key presentation skills are discussed in this video: http://www.5min.com/Video/Key-Presentations-Skills-517053902

Important Points

In order to give a powerful presentation or speech, many factors should be taken into account. Presentation techniques are just as important as presentation skills. The most important success factor though is PREPARATION. You have to prepare your presentation thoroughly in order to use the techniques discussed effectively. You have to practice your firm stance. You have to think about a story that you can tell to present an important point to the audience. You have to practice to deliver a clear message to the audience in the time given for the presentation.


There is not just ONE secret technique that you can use to become a confident speaker and presenter. There are many techniques you can use, many skills that you can train, and many media that can help you deliver your messages. But like with so many things in life, the secret lies in the right, moderate composition and practice, practice, practice.

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