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Keys to Effective Organizational Change Management for an ERP Software Implementation

Without question, ERP brings value to large organizations.  It brings the benefit of improved business processes, better integration of departments due to the 2-way flow of information, access to real time information for better decision making, and more accurate data throughout the organization due to the centralized one-time entry of new and/or ammended data. 

However, implementing an ERP means change in just about every area of the organization, and most of all, these change will affect the people (employees) in the affected business areas.  From the way they login to the new system, the way they enter and manipulate the data, the way they produce the outputs of the data, the way they report on the data, the way they present the data, and also the way they communicate with other departments.  This list is by no means exhaustive, but no matter the length of the list, changing one thing still means change, and it is human nature to naturally resist this change that the ERP will bring.

This training video will describe in detail what those changes will mean to an organization, what the potential impacts of the changes can bring, and what senior management can do to effectively minimize the impact of the changes to the organization, while getting the full support of the employees.

Click the link below to view the training video now.


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