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Kim Hyeon Ho

The Kim Hyeon Ho Youtube video is put out by Entrepreneurs Videos, and it concerns Kim Hyeon Ho, who is the CEO of Neo Dr. Inc in South Korea. He speaks about his product, which is a speaker that puts out natural vibrations that are said to have natural health benefits by penetrating the human body.

He says that he's working on his product over a series of three years. The machine can produce a variety of frequencies between 3 and 50, and has a volume setting between 0 and 100. It can target various different parts of the body, sending strong vibrations that Ho claims will "wake up your whole body."

The video includes a demonstration, showing a sleek machine that looks a bit like an exercise machine that you stand on, complete with a speaker and a place to stand for targeting all parts of the body with frequency vibrations. Mr. Ho is wearing a lab coat, and has a thick accent. The sound quality isn't very good, coming in only one side of the speakers.

No evidence is given for whether the vibrating machine actually does anything besides make your body shake, but the concept is certainly interesting. Despite the language barrier, Mr. Ho seems well-spoken and amiable as he shows the various aspects of his product. The setting appears to be some sort of convention, and Mr. Ho is set up in a kind of side cubicle. He's demonstrating his machine to an individual who is half off-screen the whole time and who doesn't do much besides respond to what Mr. Ho is saying, such as whether he can feel the vibrations, or whether he understands each part of the demonstration.

The machine also includes an auto mode that can supposedly auto-tune to your body over a set period of time.


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