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Leading through Organzation Change

I am a DBA student of California Intercontinental
University. This training video is a requirement for the completion of MGT 616 -Organizational
change and Development in Management System. The video explains how to successfully
drive the process of planned change in an organization through leading .

The leaders within the organization are responsible
for initiating the change processes and bridging the gap between strategy
decisions and the reality of implementing the changes within the structure and
workforce of the organization. While the participation of every stakeholder is important
in the change process, the leaders play crucial roles in the process as they
are the champion of change, responsible for driving the process and providing a
conducive climate that will support the proposed change.


The objectives of this video discussion are:

Recognize the importance of leading in
the process of change

Understand the responsibilities of the
leader in the organizational change process.

Understand the key elements in leading
an organization successfully through the process of change.



The video discusses how to successfully lead an
organization through the change process .
Some of the key steps in successfully leading a change process are as follows:

Clarify your vision as a leader and
identify three to five strategic goals that will facilitate the change process.

Begin the process of change with
yourself as a leader. Examine how much you have changed to be able to effect change
in others.

Involve everyone in the work group even
if they are the most difficult people.

Increase your communication and training
effort and support employees with the necessary training to implement new

Hold everyone accountable for the new change
, their personal behaviors and results you want them to accomplish.

Change what you reward. Reward the new behaviors
you want establish.

Redefine who your heroes and heroines

Demand unwavering commitment.

Determine who your loyal employees are


Change is a constant phenomenon in businesses and
world. It is often said that organizations do not change, but the people do. In
essence, the people are the ones who change in the organization, while the
leaders within the organization are saddled with the responsibility of driving
the process of change and providing a suitable climate to manage and sustain
the new change. The change process itself is test for the leaders, as the process
of change begins with the leaders who are demanding for change. It is important
for leaders to be understand these principles to enable them lead the
organization through the transition period.






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