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License and Permits for Business

Starting a business is no child's play, for there are numerous formalities to be acknowledged. Entrepreneurs often ignore the process of obtaining permits and licenses for their business. Business permits and licenses are a must for any business. Failing to acquire them might pose as a hindrance for the startup of the business.
Here are few permits and licenses that business owners may need -

Permit from the Fire Department
If your line of business requires the usage of flammable materials, you will be in need of a permit from the fire department. In most of the cases, you may have to get this permit even before the business is launched. Periodic inspections will be done to ensure that you follow safety regulations.

Permit from the Air and Water Pollution Control
There are departments to ensure that your business does not violate the environmental laws. Burning of materials, discharge of waste into the water, emission of certain gases etc... are strictly scrutinized by the Air and Water Pollution Control department.

Permit of Sign
There are authoritative rules that pertains to size and location of sign boards you use for the business. Therefore, it is better to check the regulations first and then have a sign designed and installed.

Permit from the Health Department

If you plan on having a restaurant or just sell food, obtain a permit from the health department. Depending on the size of business and the type of equipment you possess, charges will be levied accordingly. The health department will check the premises and the equipment before giving you the permit.

License from the State
Contact the state government offices to check the list of occupations that require passing of state examinations before the business can commence. Normally, the state needs licensing for people who provide personal services like real estate brokers, insurance agents, electricians etc.

License of Sales Tax
A business selling taxable products must pay taxes on the sales it makes. If a business indulges in sales without a sales tax, it is regarded as an offence. Sales taxes vary from state to state and it is better to know the regulations. Make sure you register to collect sales tax on what you sell.

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