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Marketing Success Secrets

The success of a business lies in the efficiency of marketing. Marketing facilitates sales for a business. It is a well-known fact that a business cannot survive without marketing. Marketing is the crucial element of the business that pulls customers into the sales aspect of the company's products. Therefore, the top management of a company must work hard to achieve a top notch performance when it comes to marketing.

Here are some of the business secrets that CEOs can use to improve their marketing performance -

  1. Priority on Marketing
  2. It is an already established fact that customers choose to buy the products and services of a company only if marketing is effective. The process of marketing starts from the launch of the business and never ceases to exist. From the early stage of product development, marketing techniques are formulated. When the product must reach customers, marketing springs forth into action. The process continues even after customers have bought the products more than once. Therefore, it is important that marketing should remain the top priority for a CEO.

  3. Advertising & Marketing
  4. People often confuse advertising with marketing. Contrary to popular belief, the terms are not the same. Advertising is a part of marketing. The scope of marketing is much more than advertising. It includes product placement, pricing, positioning and promotion. Advertising comes to play only at the stage of promotion.

  5. Views & Opinions
  6. It is a natural tendency for the owners of a business to give priority to their values and opinions on a decision. Often, this leads to failure in business. Proper perspective is needed while running a business. A CEO must consider the opinions of others too. More importantly, it is the customer's opinion that matters the most. Focus should be given on fulfilling the customer's needs and resolving their issues.

  7. Research on Prospective Customers
  8. Acquiring more customers is a good sign for a business. A CEO must know about potential customers and what their needs are.

  9. Value of Prevailing Customers
  10. In the process of concentrating on new customers, a business should not lose sight of texisting customers. A CEO must understand that repeat customers are as important as new ones, perhaps a bit more. Existing customers provide honest feedbacks and suggestions, which are vital in improving the business.

  11. Unwanted Customers
  12. Customers should be treated well. However, a business may face undesirable customers who are hard to please. Undesirable customers are those without whom the business can still function. A CEO must learn to avoid and handle this type of customers in order to focus more attention on the potential ones.

  13. Distinctive Identity
  14. Customers tend to compare the products and services of one business with another. Therefore, a CEO must strive to provide a unique service which is not available anywhere else. This is likely to keep customers happy and make them loyal to the business.

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