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Matthew Fisher- Vice President of LiveOps

As General Manager of the Agent Division at LiveOps 3DR, Mathew Fischer oversees a technology platform for call routing. Their 2,000 agents take care of clients in not just the routing space, but the acquisition space, and they are the leading call center on Direct Response for TV Ad, Print, and Radio buying.

With over 20,000 Agents-At-Home, which enables them to offer their customers a high quality representative to sell product. This gives the customers of LiveOps 3DR’s clients the opportunity to receive brand-oriented customer service, driving more revenue toward their clients. “Especially in TV-driven calls is very spiky. There’s usually a burst of 2,000 calls because there’s a commercial on CNN.“ Thanks to LiveOps 3DR, there’s a way for clients to scale their call requirements so that they have the capacity to take calls when it’s needed, but aren’t limited by the costs of maintaining a network that is only needed for short peaks of time.

“Always trying to strive to the next level – that’s the type of personality within our agent base.”

LiveOps 3DR has built their approach to business on an understanding of the flattening nature of today’s business world. Their operations reward the highest performers in their agents, while the lower performers strive to get more business for their companies. The ten-year-old company’s use of home agents was not popular, when they first appeared on the scene, because it was groundbreaking in its approach.

Now, in their specific category, they are proving that their new business model can allow clients to have a higher ROI. LiveOps 3DR’s refusal to accept their industry’s traditional brick-and-mortar management structure for their online business was considered revolutionary. He claims that most of their agents would not take a typical call-center job, with agents who typically have 10-12 years of experience.


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