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As of 2009 there were nearly 29.6 million businesses in the United State alone.

All of these businesses were started as an idea or a vision. How many of them are successful? How many are profitable? How many will fail? How many will grow? How many will go public? All of these questions will obviously be answered in due time but what factors play a part in these outcomes.

Obviously there are a multitude of different factors which determine the success and failure of a company but as business owner, what would be some of the most important factors that would make a difference for you?

Let us tell you - Education, Support, Networking, Exposure and Clients!

Only the very best achieve the highest levels of business success but they don’t get there alone, e21 membership is aimed at giving entrepreneurs a leg up on the competition. We are there to be that channel for exposure through our membership, source of knowledge via our library of CEO and business leader interviews, and we can also provide you with access to venture capitalists.

e21 is where professionals, leaders, investors and savvy entrepreneurs come to meet and work towards mutual growth. We are working to become the platinum standard of entrepreneurial success.

It's time you got the support you need

By becoming a member and using e21 to network with other business leaders directly, you’ll learn from the experts. In our member’s only expert video section, you can hear their story and advice. You can share your business product, provide solutions. You can be recognized for your prowess as an entrepreneurial leader.
If you are an expert or solutions provider, potential customers will seek you out. Your current customers can even log in and write a blog and refer you.

With e21 you'll be listed with other leading companies, and your company may be featured in our annual issue of the best companies.

If you are proud of your company's growth over the past year, you owe it to your company. If you are an entrepreneur looking to get networking and support, you owe it to yourself!

Full membership benefits

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Apply to become a member in this not-for-profit initiative. It's easy. The benefits and returns on investment are unparalleled.

Join now - Application e21.

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