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Mystery Shopping – An idea to make a few bucks shopping!

 Have you ever wanted
to go into a store and shop without spending money or have a chance to earn
money doing something you love to do and that you're going to do anyway?
about being able to go to your favorite restaurants and pay absolutely nothing
for your meal and even have the establishment pay you? Or how about just being
able to make a good income doing something that you love doing?

  Mystery shopping may
be just what you're looking! Mystery shopping is a way for companies to
evaluate their products and services.
   Companies spend millions of dollars evaluating
the services that they put forth.
  As a
mystery shopper, you are complete unknown customer walking into an
establishment for the very first time and evaluating, in secret, the services
rendered to you.

  There all kinds of
mystery shopping opportunities. Everything from apartment complexes to gas
station, to service related establishments such as those that change your oil or
getting your brakes fixed it, from buying a pair of shoes, to staying at a
hotel resort, just about every customer service interaction can be evaluated
and most likely does.

  As a mystery shopper,
you're evaluating performance metrics
 like the timeliness that takes for a customer service
representative to acknowledge your presence to the friendliness of the transaction,
to their efficiency and their ability to go the extra mile, their ability to
upsell, the cleanliness of the location, the list goes on.

  Each task, or as I
call it, mission, is different.
personal favorite are the “reveal” shops were you act as a customer at first
but later return and award prizes if the employees did the job correctly or
point out where they went wrong if they didn’t do what they were supposed to

  You will NOT get
rich doing mystery shopping but you can make a good part-time or even full-time
  The best part is that you are
your own boss and you control the throttle as to exactly how much or how little
you are going to work (of course the more you work, the more you get paid).
  Mystery shopping requires a lot of attention to
  You have to do everything within
the parameters set forth in job description.
If you don’t do a job right as they tell you, you can lose time and
sometimes money (for example, you went to a restaurant – you would not be reimbursed
if you didn’t follow instructions).

  Mystery shopping can
be a very rewarding experience.
  I personally
have had the opportunity to go to restaurants and shop at different
establishments that I would not necessarily have gone to and by doing so, I
discovered that I actually enjoy some of these places; locations I never
would've found the without being a mystery shopper.


  Mystery shopping has
helped me learn how to evaluate and take better notes and now I am an expert in
being able to evaluate businesses.
Getting started as a mystery shopper is easy – and free.  A popular website that has been around for a
very long time, volition.com, features legitimate and reputable companies that are
looking for mystery shoppers.
  Keep in
mind there are many scams that like to attach themselves to the mystery
shopping industry and give the industry a bad name.
  This is NOT mystery shopping and it is a
shame that many have been turned off to what is otherwise a reputable industry.
  At no time will cost you any money to become
a mystery shopper. The only exception to this is the individual purchases that
you make in the store that are yours to keep or food that you are purchasing
and later will be reimbursed.
   You never have to send money off to anyone or
pay a fee to join a company; the only exception is one professional association
called the Mystery Shoppers Provider Association (MSPA).
that charges a one-time nominal fee $15 for silver membership. You never have
to Western Union any money or send money off to become a mystery shopper.

  You do mystery
shopping well by turning in good reports.
These reports are evaluated and graded and you get detailed
  Great evaluations lead to
better higher paying / higher demand assignments and of course, if you're if
you do not fulfill the parameters of the job correctly, you could find yourself
being low graded and eventually not being offered as many or not offered jobs
in the future.

  Getting set up takes
a little time and organization.
there are lots of different companies and you will need to register with each
  You should have a dedicated e-mail
just for your mystery shopping activities. Sign up for every company, even if
they don’t currently have jobs in your area as they might not have anything for
months, but all of a sudden, they may get a contract for a company is local to
you and you might be the only member – thus the lots of work and money to

established mystery shoppers will get special assignments and will pay you more
money to go out of your way.
  For these
special missions, you can negotiate your pay and expenses.
  Often some off the beaten path assignments
that need to get done but there are no available shoppers and the companies
that have contracts start getting desperate and are willing to make some extraordinary
   I've actually had it set up where I could go
to get a full days’ worth of pay just driving to places far away and they would
pay me for my mileage and my gas to do a job.

  As a mystery
shopper, you can operate as a business and deduct your mileage as you are an
independent contractor and not an employee of the companies that you work that
you do work.
  For many people, especially
in this economy, when people are unemployed or they those don't have very many
options, this could be the perfect opportunity and while you won't get rich
doing, this can sustain you in the interim.
It did for me as  after I retired
from the military, I had a period of unemployment for about five or six months,
and this really helped put some food on the table and keep me going.
  It was also a lot of fun but a times, a
grind. I would do four or five different fast food restaurants in the day.
   I get
the meals paid for and the make six dollars a fast food restaurant so I did
five fast food restaurants in today's time is $30 a day plus getting fat eating
lots of free fast food.

  To be a mystery
shopper, you just have to be a person who has a lot of attention to detail, someone
who's going to write reports and someone who's going to follow the instructions
   I really love evaluating customer service and
am really big on customer service as I really appreciate and like to go out of
my way to tell people when they do a good job and also point out deficiencies
as well.
  So if you're like me and are going
to do all that; you might as well get paid for it and mystery shopping is the
perfect way to do it.

   I invite you to check out the video ; How to
become a mystery shopper to get a good overview on this industry.




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